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I got sucked in with buying UV Filters at first when i entered the Digital era.
I know better now. I have taken them off all my high end quality Lenses.
My view is ; I didn't buy high end quality Lenses just to end up having lower quality Hoya Filters in front of them.
In my opinion the Hood is adequate enough. UV Filters are NOT designed for a hard impact knock on to your Lens. Your UV Filter will shatter and it may still end up scratching your Lens anyway.
People should not get too paranoid or you may as well not use your Gear at all in case you may break it?

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Jihn: I was really interested in LR4 because of some of the new features in the develop mode. Would have helped my workflow a lot.

In short - I would hold off on buying LR4.
Especially if you use Photoshop CS5 to do further editing.

When I try to edit in CS5 it tells me i need new Raw Plug-in 7.0
Which is not available for CS5.

If I ignore the warning and edit in PS any way- CS5 hangs.
I've tried all the "work arounds" short of using the beta of CS6. Most do not work or are unacceptability cumbersome.
Who wants to use a Beta of anything for production work?
Not me. Especially after the latest upgrade to LR4.
LR is suppose to stream line work flow not complicate it. This version is a DOG.

Check out the Photoshop family forums at photoshop.com to get an Idea of all the issues.
Some of which did not exist in the beta version.
On top of all that it's slower than LR3.
Had to go back to LR3 for production work. LR4 is just too unreliable.
My recommendation for now is DO NOT BUY.

Been using Lightroom 3 for many months now. From what I can read between the lines is that the L4 is just not worth the upgrade. I can do all I need on L 3. Some functions on the Basics Panel have been changed about. I prefer the old fill in light, black e.t.c. So what if it has slightly better noise level performance and usualy at a price on a slight Photo quality depletion. One does not need a better noise leve performance if one has a top Camera. It's all a sale gimmig. I am sticking to my trusted L3 and Gimp to do much of my real Pro work woth. The rest is just good photography to start with.

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