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    Northern Montana:
  • If it's not a composite of two images it  is very cleverly done. Doing this optically would be possible however it would be difficult and carefully done
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    The only time I give a 0.5 vote is when the image does not follow the requirements of the challenge. For example when a colour image is posted in a black and white challenge
  • On what I shoot I generally find that shooting in shutter priority with auto ISO gives the best overall result. I am much more interested and stopping any physical Motion in the picture then any ...
  • I typically limit my 12mp Canon 5D images to be no more than 2 metres in maximum size although sometimes they have been printed on huge billboards. For Studio work or other situations which ...
  • If you have an automatic exposure camera in ancient filim days or today, for a given  scene luminance, setting the ISO fully determines the exposure In many ways Auto ISO simplifies explanation of ...
  • that is a fine shot save it for another competition and it will surely win I find it odd that the hosts quite often have a unique interpretation of their rules and sometimes in my opinion  ...
  • For me this is  the most useful way implementing auto ISO and exposure compensation
  • That would be the expected results if you set your ISO to 400. Interesting in auto ISO none of my Canon cameras work that way although new cameras such as the 5D Mark 4 and the new Pro cameras ...
  • Please define exposure (photographic). If your camera in aperture priority mode is set to f5.6, 1/250 sec at ISO 400 what would the camera settings be if you dialled in exposure compensation of +2 ev ...
  • with auto exposure system's EV compensation does indeed change your target image lightness. It does this by specifically changing your exposure. In this particular case the lightness change is ...
  • that is true and very similar to using the EV offsets in your traditional fancy manual light metre . How ever for aperture or shutter priority the net effect is is to modify the shutter or ...
  • Indeed for all practical purposes I don't know since I am absolutely terrible with colour. :-)
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  • If your camera is in an auto exposure mode does the exposure compensation feature change either F stop or shutter speed? ( two of the cornerstones for exposure)
  • You are lucky to have such a fine cell phone. I cannot afford to upgrade my many year old flip phone with it's 1 megapixel sensor
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    If you are shooting a ballet performance and the appropriate exposure is F1 at 1/125 sec which sensor size would give the better output image results: ff or m34 ( of course for the same scene ...
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    on the surface of your voting I have no idea why somebody would want to influence the scoring of the challenge. Possibly fortunately I only enter challenges that do not have a date requirement. ...
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  • It all depends upon this subject and surrounding lighting. I use this quite often when I might need exposure compensation. For example in this photograph if I attempted to get exposure by pointing ...
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