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does this mean, in the interest of saving money (beauty dishes are grotesquely overpriced) . . . does it mean, I hope, I hope, does it mean I can use my frying pan as a beauty dish??????

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A stupid idea at best.
A limited selection of filters, but most importantly the more frequent user of filters are outdoor/landscape photographers. Removing a lens to change a filter exposes the sensor far too often to dust, dirt or another disaster. Front mounted filters are a superior choice.
There is a graduated ND. The problem with this is that you have a fixed point . . . only ONE place to have the gradation happening. Grad filters NEED to be movable if they are to be useful in the myriad situations a photographer might encounter.
The only positive points are the supposedly lower cost . . . moot if the system is of limited value, and the idea of rear mounting on an optical behemoth, a feature in days past.
These are ultimately of no value whatsoever. Because of their limits, you are most likely going to have to own a front mount system anyways, so the argument of saving space and weight is pointless. If anything, you will be carrying MORE baggage . . . which you don't really need.

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