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On photo On the bed... in the Wife challenge (15 comments in total)

Referring to RaptorUK's concern that this may be a cheater entering someone else's picture. What would be the point of cheating, nobody knows who this guy is that intered the photograph.
Anyway, nice work whoever took the shot.

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On photo Fourtyfive Years Behind the Lathe in the Environmental Portraiture challenge (6 comments in total)

Yes, sad. Socialism works until you run out of other peoples money.

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SulfurousBeast: I was about to buy an ILC as secondary camera, but this release has had me thinking...atlast really meaningful updates to the rebel - 9 Cross Type Focus points, Touch Screen, 5 FPS, Stereo Mic, Continous AF in Video - Nice job Canon. Will wait till the holiday season though.

I think Canon has learned a lot from Apple. This is how to make money, keep coming out with minor updates, very smart.

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On photo Permit, No Permit, Permit, No Permit... in the NO PERMIT challenge (5 comments in total)

Nice but maybe italy is spending too much on signage .

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On photo - in the Curiosity challenge (9 comments in total)

Now, why didn't I think of that. Very cool, well executed.

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On photo Oom7 in the Body Show Off challenge (3 comments in total)

Tattooed, shaved and pierced, uggggg.

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On article First Pictures by Joel Sternfeld (35 comments in total)

These shots were taken during a time when you were not looked at as being a pervert just because you take a picture of a child. How sad we've become as a society. The first picture I just don't get, the others are great.

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On photo Church courtyard in the Gothic challenge (6 comments in total)

Nice job!

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On photo heavy snow in the Winter 6 challenge (3 comments in total)

Can't believe this is third...should be first place IMO.

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On article Digital lo-fi photography - Part 1 (130 comments in total)
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MP Burke: Terms such as "retro", "ethereal" and "lo-fi" are used to describe the results from Holgas and defective or disintegrating film photographs. Terms like "rubbish" or "abysmal" are equally applicable.
Film photographers have been able to obtain excellent results for about 150 years and would only have shown results like the ones shown here as an example of what happens when things go wrong.
I have slides taken over 30 years ago and they rarely look as bad as the results on show in the article. Even when they have undergone some colour shift it can be easily be corrected digitally after scanning.
When Ansel Adams or Irving Penn were working I'm sure they had a pretty clear idea of how the end result would turn out. That's what happens when you know what you're doing.

Obviously we are not all Ansel Adams. This is a way to have fun, that's all.

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On article Digital lo-fi photography - Part 1 (130 comments in total)
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Wye Photography: I would like to see a forum dedicated to crap photography.

At least all my pictures will be there.

I hear ya.

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