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Klimbim: "Canon EF"
I doubt it.

Because this would be a massive exception. There are no budget anamorphic lenses for EF.
But it seems to be true. There will be an EF and PL version.

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"Canon EF"
I doubt it.

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supersteelman: I personally I think the camera looks good albeit overpriced about $800. others will disagree and thats fine. panasonic has no market share for this new system. they should tempt people to get into the system and with the s1/r dropping prices I have to believe they just arent selling. no lens options to choose from. but thats only time.

the screen implementation is the perfect compromise for selfies or for low/high shooting-bravo! ** pay attention other mfr**

I like the fan idea. others should implement that as well. well done.
sure more noise but at least the camera wont overheat and almost mostly I have my audio off camera anyways. this is critical when I shoot weddings in the summer day and I MUST have reliable gear.

af is horrible. I dont know a single person who uses af for weddings but if its for MF and one needs AF, it should be a solid feature thats usable for $4k. maybe fw can fix that.

Totally, don't see huge advatages compared to a bmpcc 6k. You can not use it for run and gut because of the bad AF. Biger sensor? tilting screnn? stabilisation? if its worth 1500 to someone... not to take into account all the advatages of the bmpcc.

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