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dtray187: I had this lens on my d810 for a few shoots.... it was incredibly sharp , but the bokeh was not looking good to me, too harsh, that's a huge deal. And the way it rendered skin wasn't to my liking. It Was just too clinical, I replaced with the 105mm 1.4e and wow that thing is amazing!
Honestly the 85mm 1.4g I liked better than the art, 1.4g wasn't as sharp but rendered incredible, memorable portraits. This sharpness war needs to be balanced with results on portraits.

It's not odd. It's like great typography is invisible to the readers yet pleasing to the eye. The same applies to portraits. You want the background to just melt away and never attract any attention of the viewer. Therefore it is far more important than shapeless.

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Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan, not where Panda live. You won't find any wild Panda there.

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On article 2015 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $1200-2000 (328 comments in total)

Choosing a camera without a system consideration is meaningless.

perhaps a better question would be "which camera should I buy if already chose XXX system". For example if I already pickup Canon, which shall I buy for 1200-2000? The problem is that for this kind questions, there are often only one choice. They don't usually sell multiple models within the same price range, except for the low end.

So if one already picked up a system and has a target budget, he doesn't not really need to ask the above question. The next best question would be "which system should I choice?" But I believe anyone in their right mind at DPR would not get into this sort of flame war.

In short, it is very unlikely that those sorts of "Roundup" will help people to do informed decisions. They at most are meaningless and at worst misleading.

When I bought my first DSLR, what I really wanted to see was a detailed comparison between the Nikon and Canon systems, show me the difference, and so I can decide which is better for me. The same feature difference can be an advantage for some and a disadvantage for others and doesn't matter to the rest. We cannot objectively say which is better. But at least we can objectively show the readers what's unique to each system. I belive they will be much more useful.

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maljo@inreach.com: I bought Photoshop 1.0 and have upgraded to every version until the subscription became mandatory. I'm not doing subscription.

I wonder what Adobe is thinking now.
They have very expensive software and an unpopular subscription service.
They have provided a fertile soil for competitors to flourish.

I bought Affinity Photo last night; so far I like it a lot.

Greg, clearly you have no idea of today's tech industry. IBM is doing exceptionally well these days.

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