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Lassoni: "Our lenses have to be better than [those from other manufacturers]. That is my mission."

So far the mission has been a failure. Releasing mediocre optics and charging a premium price for it, adding CZ "name" on a sony lens to add air to the prices.

Sound like you haven't any some of Sony's CZ lens. In term of price, I think the price is similar to Canon's red ring range.

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Terry Breedlove: I really came to love shooting with the evf and would appreciate a Pro level body with a big battery and dual cards for redundant storage. Yes this means the camera would be bigger and heavier than the current cameras but it would be worth it when shooting weddings etc. so for me two lines would be really nice an all out Pro body and a smaller lighter version like Sony already makes.

Not everyone is a pro. Sony's approach is right, start from NEX to now Alpha Mirrorless.

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"With a faster capture rate of 1.5 frames per second, you can keep on shooting without missing an opportunity."

Straight from their website. This is so funny. I know its a 50MP, but comon, no more highlight of camera?

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sgoldswo: Fantastic lens and achievement for Sony with this lens (note how I didn't have to knock any other lenses in saying that?). It's actually a bargain relative to the performance it gives.

A challenge for Sony/Zeiss: can you produce a similarly exceptional 20/21 in FE mount? I think we would live if it were F2.8...

@jennyrae, I believe the lens is 100% design by Sony, and Sony has licence to use Sonnar lens designs, and qualities are control by Zeiss since they dont want Sony to ruin their brand. You will probably cant find a lens element design similar to this in the Zeiss range. Plus I dont think Zeiss are expert in lens AF. Perhaps Sony and Zeiss are work together to deliver the Zeiss AF lenses. Who knows. If what you saying is true about all the credit should be Zeiss then non of the good camera on the market should be credited by the brand, as the component are not design by that brand. Take the Nikon D800E for example, I dont think the board memory chip are design by Nikon, mostly like some taiwanese IC companies, you see why it has good continueous shooting buffer, its should credit to the IC chip company not Nikon? . Lastly as a consumer, why you so care sony fanboy cheering at their brand? well only one logical answer is you not a sony fanboy :)

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Gionni Dorelli: I have used both lenses for years, taking beauty and fashion photos.
The Sony Zeiss has an edge on the Canon on about any aspect of photography.
The Zeiss is also faster at focusing in low light.
In studio, under modeling lights, sometime the Canon never stop hunting where the Zeiss just works fine.

Believe it or not, I found the Sony ZA 135mm F1.8 outperform the EF 135 F2, yep a screw drive AF beats USM, not to mention the bokeh/CA is way better the canon version too..

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RX1 should be camera of the year, but not really the best camera.

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jmmgarza: I am starting to find your reviews quite tedious. My D800 is perfect.

Your D800 is perfect ONLY if Sony supply the sensor. :)

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photo nuts: Great review.

Decent camera. Not as light as one hopes for the SLT design, but acceptable.

Took a peek at Sony store for some lenses... Ewwwww... far too limited. Cannot compare to the m43 arsenal, much less Canikon range.

Good effort. Try harder next time Sony, especially your lens department.

Do you own every Canonikon lens? Tell me which lens is missing in the Sony range that an average photographer is needed. Unless you can hire 10 people carrying lens for you shoot.

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wilsonlaidlaw: Interesting that it should have a Sonnar lens, when Zeiss' own full frame 35mm f2 ZM (Leica fit) lens is a Biogon. Could it be that Sony only have the rights to make Sonnar and Tessar lenses, not Planar, Biogon and Distagon.


Sony ZA 85mm F1.4 is a planar design. Up coming ZA 50mm F1.4 SSM is also a planar design.

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Sergey Borachev: Sony corrected a few serious design flaws, by adding a flash, and also a tilting LCD to make the lack of EVF more bearable.

It looks like a really nice entry level small camera for the new generation of users who grow up using iphones and portable gadgets with very little buttons but heaps of features. It is very imbalanced. The lack of dials and buttons limits its usefulness as a serious camera and makes it a very basic camera in terms of usability, but the IQ is excellent.
The large size of APS-C lenses is also something that can never be fixed due to a poor choice of registration size. Another imbalance, with large lenses on a tiny body.

Sony should instead focus on developing a new interchangeable lens system using a 1-inch sensor like the one in the RX100, for a better small camera. As sensors gets better and better, that would look more promising than these tiny NEX cameras. M43 offers much more as a serious APS-C or close to APS-C system, for people to invest in.

If Sony can think what you think, then it's not Sony.

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reedjecd: Anothe NEX ? who cares ? can you listen to horse races on it ??

No, I dont think you can listen to horse races on any cameras. Only crazy people will think a camera can that!!!

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