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"download the latest version of Portfolio and give Lightroom import a shot for yourself."

FYI... Portfolio is a website, not a CC Program you download.

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Iron Mike: 8.5 inches is 22 cm (not mm). The bare speedlight is bigger than 2.5x2.5 mm...

no problem, heck I even typo'ed the cm vs mm at the end of my reply :-\

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8.5 inches is 22 cm (not mm). The bare speedlight is bigger than 2.5x2.5 mm...

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xupam: yet one more written point of view, but no review in sight! -_-

I heard that posting images from the NAB loaner cameras is embargoed until Thursday anyways, which is why we don't even have a gallery of sample images yet...

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I think a vote system for deciding the best answer(s) to a question would be more appropriate.
1. The original poster doesn't necessarily know what the best answer is (that's why they are asking the question...)
2. If the OP doesn't return or update the best answer (especially if it takes a while to come) then the feature will be wasted.
3. Often usefully information is spread amongst several posts, so a ranking of the most useful replies may be better

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a 15 in display with 2880x1800 resolution will make stuff so small it will be very hard to see, including text. The 1080 resolution on my 16 in laptop is bad enough, this will only be worse...

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Stig Nygaard: Some people commenting seems to miss we are working in RAW here. We don't have the curve adjustment tool in the RAW editor. And if you use the curve adjustment tool in "plain" PS instead, you wont have as much data to work with as we have in the RAW editor.

I don't particular like the look in this demonstration. Looks too much like HDR which I (almost) always find plain ugly. Hopefully the new RAW editor can also do these things without getting that HDR look...

"most of the PV 2012 controls are scene adaptive"
- Hmm, doesn't that give me a problem if I want a series of shot to be processed 100% similar? For example if I want to stitch several shots together to a panorama?...

You could always just use PV2010 for specific shots (to be merged in a panorama for example) if you want to ensure the processing is 100% similar?

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