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David Myers: We have used this and similar techniques since the early 1990's with the 6Mp Kodak/Nikon F5 DSLRs. Unfortunately this 'shift-and-stitch' procedure is wrong. The front of the lens needs to maintain position to keep the viewpoint / nodal point the same so it is the back of the lens, camera and sensor that needs to shift! We maintain the front objective spacial positioning by mounting our D800e body on a gear driven macro slider positioned with left to right sliding. Example: After we shift the front of the lens 15mm to the left we 'recentre' the lens objective by sliding the whole rig 15mm to the right. this is avoids 'multiple viewpoints' of foreground elements which are impossible to stitch. Cheers, David.

It's to note that some shift adapters such as ones for micro 4/3 include a tripod mount on the FRONT part of the adapter, so that the lens itself remains fixed and you can shift the camera itself around. Works very well, though with the limitations mentioned (the full picture is still limited by the image circle of the lens).

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Tim in upstate NY: Is this the first Panny lens offered in silver? If so, it seems a little odd. I don't pay that much attention to Panny cameras but it seems like their camera bodies are usually black except as an option for the low end GF models.

Previous X lenses were available in silver too, probably some previous models too.

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On article Just Posted: Lytro Light Field Camera review and video (309 comments in total)
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powerbook duo: I remember a time when quicktime VR was all the rage, you can pan, tilt and zoom a scene, I hardly see any websites still using such technology today

Google Street View ?
All those panoramic shot websites (lots of them), including extreme sports ones ?
Almost every hotel website, and a lot of real estate agents too ?
I still see that around a lot, actually its more neatly integrated nowadays.

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On photo gull over still lake water in the Your Best Bird Shot challenge (34 comments in total)
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jpmalohesr: Anyone notice that the reflection is showing the top of the bird not the bottom. I would say great photoshopping, not great capture...

Go photograph objects over a mirror surface and come back here to edit your nonsense...

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On article Challenge of Challenges 2011 Winner announced (108 comments in total)
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Solarcoaster: Fish and water drop look photoshopped. So much for real photography.

Even when the MIT shows science photos or videos there are trolls who claim fake. You guys are sore losers, this photo is awesome and captured just at the right millisecond, and deserves to win.
People like KimTeo should learn how to lose elegantly and praise the winner instead of spouting nonsense.. (both the bird and fish are very small, by the way)

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On article Buyer's Guide: 10 Home Studio Lighting Kits (97 comments in total)
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Menneisyys: BTW, what about the LED lights? Some (the more expensive ones - that is, the non-Chinese knock-offs) of them have sufficiently high CRI (for example, the 209AS is over 90) and they have much-much better lumen/Watt performance than both CF and halogen lamps, let alone tungsten ones, particularly warming up-wise. (Read: you won't have problems by the subjects' getting too much infrared radiation - that is, hot. Of course, the lamps themselves get a bit hot, which MAY mean they require, at times, some active cooling to keep the lifespan of the LED's as long as possible, but in no way as badly as "traditional" or even CFL bulbs.)

I've been using the "classic" Z96 (mostly for video lighting, but it also doubles as a great reading light ;-) ), but there are even better lamps. For example, many swear the 209AS to be much better than the Z96. See e.g.

LED lights use a DC power supply, so no flickering. The flickering comes from gas discharge lamps that use AC power.

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RPJG: Noob question that doesn't necessarily belong in this thread, but:

If they can make the 175mm lens f/5.6, why is the 42mm lens also stuck at f/5.6?

f-number is related to the focal length and the diameter of aperture as seen from the front. So indeed you are right a shorter focal lens will have a higher f-number if it has the same aperture. (Note it's the aperture we are talking about, as in, the iris, not the front lens)

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On article Nikon V1 comparison shots added to dpreview database (220 comments in total)
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zwania: No, my vision is pefect. Some of you people need to go down to Target and ask the pharmacist for some pills. I realize you love your Olys, etc, but there's no way that much noise/washed out contrast could escape your notice. Or could it?

for micro 4/3 i see lenses from Panasonic, Olympus, Leica, Cosina-Voigtländer, Samyang, Sigma (new models announced recently). Not counting SLRMagic...
So that's quite good so far for such a young system.

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