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badi: oh my.... i stay in wonder and terror about our future ... an awful lot of people in comments, calling that guy a retard, and what not, DPR included making fun of the guy... common...

I know a lot of people (old persons, from the countryside) who would probably pus some serious work and thought to achieve something like that. They are not retards, they are not people to laugh at. They just don't know to use the fancy new tech and are (or feel that are) too old to start learning. You know that iphone just reached 10years a few days back, right?

An old (or very tech-challenged) person did some great efforts to try to sell his car through this new internet thing people use today because he is opened minded and probably really need the money. Let's all make fun of him and call him names.

And we shall!

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fmaxwell: In case anyone is really interested in that 1990 Mazda RX-7, here's a link to the ad:

I love pic 4, which is a motorcycle, and of course his comment:

"Not enough of these cars around any more... unless you live in Puerto Rico.. haha"

Sounds like a winner here....

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Until the next Pixel

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newe: When will be the new fire sale on the old Pixel?

Still priced ridiculously. I'll wait. I like to be a generation out. Or I'll buy used. I'm not paying full price for anything that is worthless after a couple of years. My Nexus 6P still is awesome.

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When will be the new fire sale on the old Pixel?

Link | Posted on Sep 16, 2017 at 02:48 UTC as 34th comment | 4 replies

Not that much more than the new iPhone

Link | Posted on Sep 13, 2017 at 21:05 UTC as 67th comment | 1 reply

I guess prices have not been totally set:

"The iPhone X will be available in 64 and 256GB versions and set you back at least $999"

So it seems that it could be a fair bit more....$1000 for Instagram and

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Daniel L: Butthurters already out protesting it's too expensive, too outdated and they already had the same technology years ago with their samsung....

Listen, you beloved Samsung could be half the price, 10x times the nonsense beta features, the iPhone X is a sell-out for months to come in every single countries.

They will even pay more to get one.

You should enjoy your Samsung while it's still working, don't worry about people appreciate the workmanship of a fine phone. It's not your money.

They'll buy it because they are uneducated.

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Markie77: The iPhone X is a nice phone but it's too expensive for most people considering how fragile it is. People are too scared to buy something so expensive that can break so easily. Yes you can get a case, but then you cover up the beauty.
Am I the only one who is not impressed by the edge? I think on the sides the edge is still too thick, almost no change from previous models.

It's not impressive at all. Laughable.

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Jesse_Just_Him: If the iPhone X is too accessible by the masses, then it looses its uniqueness and the privilege. Imagine most of use can get hold of a Hasselblad or a Phase One or a Leica, I don't think I will be happy.

Of course it should come with dual sapphire screen & back and a more luxurious metal like Titanium or something.

Maybe a 10 day warranty would make it more "exclusive"

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Very soon Apple will have $2,000 phone. And Appsheeples will go into debt to get the phone. They'll buy it because they have nothing better to do. Should be outlawed.

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Kostasm: I really don't like the way this screen ends at the top (iphone x). Annoying. Bad design. Not clean.

Warranty repair...wait for recall

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Apple has taken over dpreview and making extra posts to go with their extra price for this "investment"

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For the price it better come with free WiFi!!

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Pun1sh3r: if the holographic part of the phone works really well this is fantastic. there is no other phone that can do this and it could have a huge impact on the world as a whole. i suspect that apple and samsung would buy huge amounts of shares in Leia just so they can use it on their phones as well

What impact on the world as a whole? Will it cure disease?

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Anyone paying over $1000 for a phone needs to have their head examined...then some volunteer time at a hospital.

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Kaso: "Google Drive and Photos support to end in December"

Terrible title.

It's called the new dpreview

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newe: I'd rather be living life.

Haha. Touche!!!

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Cerebral Knievel: Feel free to call me.

What's your number?

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Woodyz: I've had two of my IG accounts hacked already... both by Russian hackers.

The first time was through my email address. The hacker logged into my yahoo account, found my IG username, did a password recovery, and then changed my IG primary email. Account hi-jacked.

The second time was insane. The hacker literally hacked the IG server. He was able to log onto my IG account without password recovery and changed my IG primary address without IG sending me a notification email!!

I know the hacker didn't have access to my email account (unlike the first time) because I have an auto-forward email account as backup... and the forward email account never received any IG password-recovery and email-change notification email. He did it all on the IG server side without going through the normal channels to change my settings.

The hacker himself even sent me an email telling me my account was hijacked!

Two accounts?? Why bother with even one?

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