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same battery size as the flashpoint v1 with the same output but different part number

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Its very common for all companies to rebrand products, tokina is now like the vivtar, just a marketing machine that had good success

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Nissin is good system now we get Fuji support on that
Great need

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the decent exposure: for a nissin i60a a good price :) round about 400 dollar extra just for the red dot. I will buy three

yes the new firmware for the sl made it all compatible i think 3.1

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the decent exposure: for a nissin i60a a good price :) round about 400 dollar extra just for the red dot. I will buy three

the sf64 works perfectly with sl, i use it all the time

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tedolf: Do these flashes use the Olympus/Panasonic TTL flash protocol?


no, the leica made cameras have a different coding and connection.

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if they only had the lens selection as fuji for aps format!!

sony keeps making aps cameras but no lenses!!

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On article Adobe boosts Lightroom Mobile with Raw editing for iOS (57 comments in total)

to the editors of dp, do you guys ever process 200+ photos at the time with lightroom cc the latest version, it is truly slow and unusable. there plenty of complains on the lightroom board, rather than fixing the problems, they keep rolling out new features. even the tech support at adobe, told me to roll back.

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how about just working on performance rather than all the features , this thing is so slow

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HSway: This is a great lens. Very good indeed. Nikon and Canon (ll) versions are better for landscape. If there are other considerations, this Tamron with very effective VC is the second best option.

i bought a copy of this lens to use with nikon d800 and after much trail , i returned the second copy and decided to hold off. the nikon mount has issues with the cam being accurate from 2.8~4 and vc did not function well at all in 60~300 speeds and u needed to turn it off. i am planning to give this lens a try once some of the issues are fixed. lensrental also found some qc problems

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