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Thanks for updating the title!. The original title was definitely extremely misleading and alarming :)

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This is great!! Though I agree that some of the themes started getting repetitive.

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justmeMN: DPR: In the Specs, you should have "Viewfinder Optional" rather than "Viewfinder No".

@Eleson - you are missing the point. Most cameras without a built-in viewfinder, do not have this ability to add a viewfinder. So it is important to list that for this camera it is possible to add this. If the specs say that the camera does not have a viewfinder then most people would assume that it is not possible to have a viewfinder on this camera.

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Aroart: I was tossed between a rx100 m3 $799, a5100 $599, pani lx100 $699 3yrs ago .. so I bought and played with them .. while the rx was smaller it felt to slippery and control dials were to cramped . The lx has great ergonomics but really missed having a flip touch screen. I kept the a 5100.. The a5100 is not that much bigger can fit in most jackets and has a very usable touch screen. If you look at the test samples and compare the a5100 iq to cameras twice the price you will be shocked. I know for a fact it made my 7dm2 look pathetic.. the a5100 was one of the best pocket cameras I've ever owned..

@aramgrg. I used an RX100 for a year. It was a great ground-breaking camera. However I eventually moved to an EOS-M + 22mm f2 and was much happier. Of course its not apples to apples since one is a zoom camera and other was a fixed lens option. But when you are trying to find highest quality in a small package, you have to make compromise one way or the other. I now also have a Canon G7x which is Canon's version of RX100 series and actually prefer it over my previous RX100. However no matter how good the performance of the 1" sensor becomes, it can't give you the same look as an APS-C sensor with a fast f2 or f1.8 prime.

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Over the years I have used three such mirrorless pancake lenses:

1. Panasonic 20mm 1.7
2. Samsung 30mm f2 (not covered in the chart)
3. Canon 22mm f2

As the chart in the article illustrates, these three lenses provided the biggest DOF control + low light capability in a small package. The unsung Canon EOS-M + 22mm f2 is the most compact option and hard to match. The only reason I moved away from it was the slow AF of EOS-M. The reality though is that pancake lenses by their design are slow focusing lenses so even with fast bodies such as the ones from Panasonic and Samsung, these lenses tend to be slow to focus. Apart from that limitation I consider these three to be the best options in terms of offering highest capability in the most compact package.

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Glenn Barber: My biggest concern is how this mirrorless focuses with Longer lenses 300mm. I have a A7 and A7R and neither focuses quickly with adapted long lenses. If this is to be a sports and wildlife camera - focus acquisition with long lenses is critical.

First of all your A7 and A7r are not fast focusing cameras regardless of whether the lenses are long or not - they don't even have PDAF. A7TII is significantly better than those and the A9 is claimed to be faster than A7RII. Secondly the focusing speed with adapted lenses is not an indicator at all of focusing speed with native lenses.

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agrumpyoldsod: I am sure they have a sharper image than the first image (horses) that you guys could have posted.

Images 4 and 5 seem to be taken using DJI drones with small sensor cameras, so that explains the lower quality. Image 3 is A7R II, however the posted version is too low resolution to assess quality. Not sure about the first two images.

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Olympus often seems to get more limelight in the history of Micro-Four Thirds and mirrorless. However I think the real breakthrough product was the Panasonic G1. Obviously it was the first mirrorless camera, but also it had three important features which ensured that mirrorless will be taken as a serious camera system rather than a glorified P&S. First it offered an EVF experience which was a credible alternative to OVF. The EVFs before G1 were extremely poor whereas G1 had an amazing EVF for that time. Second it had a pretty fast AF in single shot. Third it had a full set of controls expected by DSLR users. The E-P1 from Olympus didn't have any of these features. I am pretty sure that if it was the first mirrorless instead of G1, it would have been dismissed by most reviewers as a 'P&S' camera with a large sensor which did not have what it takes to meet the needs of a 'serious' photographer. G1 ensured that people viewed mirrorless as mini-DSLR, rather than big P&S.

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (473 comments in total)

Based on the description of the issue in this article, I totally agree with the complaint.

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photogecko: Did they fix the shadow banding? Or how about the price?

@vscd: You might want to check prices for used Leica cameras before making that claim! Leica M 240 was released at $7000 just over 3 years ago and already sells for around $3500 in the used market despite the fact that it is a 'current model'. Nikon D4 was released around 4 years ago at $6000 and now sells for $2500 in the used market, despite the fact that it was discontinued in 2014 and replaced by D4s, which itself has been replaced by D5. Not quite sure Leica is holding its value particularly better than the Nikons.

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Martin Ocando: Why they simply created an adapter for APS-C lenses? Like Olympus did with the 4/3s lenses? What a way of restricting your lens options.

It is for both APS-C and full frame:

"MC-11, which lets you attach Sigma's most recent lenses (in either Canon or Sigma mount) on full-frame or APS-C Sony E-mount bodies"

Olympus was totally different. The only DSLR lenses they had were 4/3rd so obviously thats the only lenses they could adapt.

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A mirrorless camera with SLR mount doesn't seem like a great idea. They should have created a mirrorless mount and then bundle with it an adapter for SA lenses just like the adapter they have just launched for e-mount. That way they could not only leverage their existing SA lenses but also leverage their mirror less lenses such as the 19mm f2.8, 30mm f2.8, 60m f2.8 and the recent 30mm f1.4

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Im my opinion K-1 is the first pentax DSLR which would have attracted users from other brands to shift. The sensor in K1 is one which so many people lust for, and to be able to get that in a $1800 body is attractive enough that many will take notice. The main issue is the lenses. If Ricoh releases a few moe FF lenses this could become very interesting.

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It is very frustrating to see this A6300 announcement ..... because it looks like a great camera and yet the APS-C lens selection from Sony is so underwhelming. Lens selection was the big issue when I had an A6000 and nothing has changed even now. It works fine as your second camera with a couple of primes. However if you want to use it as your main system camera its far too limiting. Interestingly the full frame FE lens lineup is looking a lot more complete in a short amount of time (apart from the price) whereas the APS-C lineup has been mostly stagnant despite starting many many years ago. Given what they have done with the FE lineup in a short amount of time they obviously have the ability to build a good APS-C lens lineup if they put their mind to it. However they only seem to focus on building bodies on the APS-C side with lens development way down the priority list.

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joelR42: Wait. You an't use the touchscreen to navigate or review images? That seems really odd.

@Stones420: I am as big a fan of the rear wheel as anyone and it is indeed the fastest way to scroll I have experienced on any camera (and I have used virtually all brands). Where the touch screen works very very well in playback is not for scrolling. Rather it is a much faster way to zoom to a specific point of the image and/or to move around to go to different parts of the image when it is zoomed. It is much faster and more direct than using the physical controls. There are many areas where manual controls work better. This is however one area where touch screen is superior and Canon already has a great implementation of that on some of their cameras. So it is a strange omission. Btw with all due respect the fact that you have been a 27 year pro doesn't mean much when we are talking about a feature you have never tried :)

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joelR42: Wait. You an't use the touchscreen to navigate or review images? That seems really odd.

@Stones420: But joelR42 is not talking about stills shooting, he/she is talking about using touch screen during image playback. It is very odd why they would not allow using touch screen at that point. Specially considering that some of the lower-end Canon's including the EOS-M have very good implementation of touch screen in image playback.

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QuarryCat: class leading AF-performance?
You never tried a Panasonic GH4 with tele, or Canon 5DSR with tele or Nikon D4s with tele....

Samsung AF was a step forward but it is by far not class leading.

QuarryCat: Class leading means it is being compared to cameras in its class. Are cameras like Nikon 4Ds in its class? The cameras in its class are 7DII, D7200, X-T1, E-M1, GH4, etc. And while GH4 is great in single shot mode, it is not great in tracking which is where NX1 does much better

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iAPX: the best EVF in it's class, but still a new technology called "OVF" offer no visible lag, 100% sRGB and 100% adobeRGB coverage, an incredible gamma curve (nearly that of an human eye), more than 20 IL dynamic range (!!!).

Anyway the NX1 is dead, at a price that is near Full Frame Canon & Nikon DSLR, without this incredible OVF technology, that help framing and shoot in the exact moment. Without lenses. Without any future.


PS: The NX500 based on the same exact sensor, but at a price competitive with the Sony A6000, is an incredibly great camera (as the sony!). This is *NOT* against Samsung or it's sensor, it's against crazy pricing of NX1, and arrogant behavior of Samsung that think it could compete with full frames without any lenses (and even with that, 28MP in APS-C size is a problem in itself in terms of noise and lens real-world resolution, the only thing perfectly resolved is sensor noise ,even at base ISO!).

I don't understand the price comment. It is $300 cheaper than 7DII , yet it matches the 7DII in AF performance, beats it in FPS, has similar buffer depth, has higher resolution. It also has a substantially superior sensor to 7DII, and matches the best APS-C camera sensor in D7200, which by the way also costs the same as NX1 despite having significantly lower specs than the NX1. And to top it off, it also has internal 4K recording, a feat matched only by Panasonic GH4 ($200 more), A7rII and A7sII. So we have a camera which combines together the capabilities of 7DII, D7200, and GH4 in a single camera and yet is the cheapest of them all, and yet you think it is expensive? I just don't know what to say on that.

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Silmarion: 50K images in 1 year and not a single one that struck him. Well, he surely does something wrong then. Just from my last trip I got at least dozen that struck me. And BTW I wasn't even shooting staged scenes like this Von guy. I guess to someone photography is a competition rather than a hobby.

@Silmarion: Have you considered the possibility that he might have set higher standards for himself than you have set for yourself? It is not about competition. To really excel in a field you need to have that hunger where you don't easily get satisfied with small achievements and are looking to be the best that you could be. And yes the 50K images are the ones he shot in his first year before he found his style. As for being staged, yes they are staged. And it takes a lot of creativity and resourcefulness to envision, stage and execute shots like that. Talk is cheap. Come back after you have successfully executed a staged shot like that and then we'll see.

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Does this mean that A7II will now do PDAF with LA-EA3 adapter? I would be much more interested in buying into the A7 system if I could use A-mount lenses on it with decent PDAF. (Not interested in LA-EA4 due to light loss etc).

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