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stevevelvia50: As long as they’re stuck using RGB and not yellow instead of green, they’ll never catch up to Huawei for night photography.

You do understand that color photography, film or digital, is, always has been and always will be RGB. It is using the ADDITIVE colors of light (RGB), not the SUBTRACTIVE colors of paint/print.

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pro photo 2011: These are STILL 4G phones in near 3/4 of 2019.

Get a real camera, like the recently introduced Sony RX100 M7.

Don't buy an expensive 4G phone.

Huawei already has a 5G phone. Where is Apple's version?

5G right now is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. There is no 5G network coverage unless you are a homeless person living on the sidewalk in one of a few large metropolitan areas. Better to get it right in hardware next time around when there may actually be 5G networks to make use of it.

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Carl Mucks: That was a brilliant design, much better than a modern flipping LCD. It's a lot more comfortable in hand. The only possible problem is a lens creep, because it's held by friction, which can be solved with some sort of lock mechanism.

The F707 has a power zoom mechanism...there is no lens creep. The entire zoom and focus mechanism is contained inside the outer barrel. That's what I liked about it (I still have mine).

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