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  • Replied in On point
    Just found this while doing a search .
  • Let us know if it doesn't work out.
  • Can you post up any photos of camera?
  • Just wondering why you are selling?? Didn't meet your expectations or getting a different camera? Have been thinking about upgrading my fz200.
  • Created question thread Elements vs. Lightroom?
    I have been using Elements for the past few years but see most of the good and or great photographers use Lightroom these days. Can you catalog photos in Lightroom like you do with Elements? Just ...
  • Replied in ND filter?
    Understood. Exactly.
  • Replied in ND filter?
    Is there one that would work the best the majority of the time. I hate to invest to much in one as I plan on getting a new camera at some point.
  • Created discussion thread ND filter?
    Would like something to take some waterfall and flowing water scenes. I saw this filter on Ebay and wondered if it would be any good to put on an FZ200? ...
  • Thanks! Makes sense to me! I do wish I had a faster connection but don't see that happening anytime soon. I have sent an email to Windstream, they are our provider. Want to see if I can get any ...
  • Replied in Took back
    Interesting. That showed CO in my hometown of about 8000 people but didn't list the company that I am with.
  • Replied in Took back
    Sooo, that is something to basically increase the output of the router so you have a stronger wifi signal? Sure has good revues!
  • Replied in Took back
    Hmmm, years ago, I am sure we had one but that was when you called the operator to make the connection for you and gas was .25 cents a gallon.
  • Replied in Took back
    What did you get to replace it? Are you happy with it?
  • Replied in Took back
    Kind of what I was wondering about actually! We do some streaming as well and wondered if it might help the speed. We do live in a large house by some standards in that it is a 2 and 1/2 story ...
  • Replied in Took back
    So what is a CO anyway?
  • I haven't checked with any other providers.
  • Replied in Took back
    I already took back the router that was sold to me as I was confident, if I bought a new one, I wanted a modem/router.
  • Just ran it. Not impressed. Shows 4.04 download and 0.64 upload.
  • Created discussion thread Modem/Router upgrade?
    I currently have a DGND3700 Netgear Modem/Router. This is a DSL type of router. Guy at Best Buy told me I should get a new one as it would be faster and better for the Grandkids when they come ...
  • Sounds like a very nice machine! 384 gb of ram would be unreal! I have wondered about Lenovo so glad to see your input.
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