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  • One problem with the G3X is the relatively short telephoto.  It's max is 600 mm  (35 mm equivalent).   I'm not that far from that with my Nikon 55-300 mm lens that goes on my D5100 Nikon, which is ...
  • Created question thread Professional Reviews
    Is there any consensus among the veteran photographers here concerning the many internet "professional" reviewers out there.  A few that come to mind are CNET, Imagine Resources, Photography Blog, ...
  • I'm looking for one of these.  What price point do you consider "not expensive" in USD terms?
  • Created question thread Buying from E-Bay
    Is E-Bay a place to avoid when buying a used camera?  The seller of an SX-50 is a private person, not a store front.  There are no warranties attached to the camera. Thanks
  • Replied in Update
    As mentioned earlier, I decided to buy a refurbished Nikon 55-300 lens.   Ordered it before 9 am Monday.  I received it late this afternoon.  Cameta did a very good job. Hopefully, it'll be sunny ...
  • Thanks for the reply.
  • Created question thread Now a question on the B500
    Is the B700 and/or P610 a lot better than the B500, especially WRT image quality?
  • I'm interested more in IQ than other areas.  Extra bells and whistles don't mean as much. I think both have the same image proceessor and both have the same zoom range. I've seen both used from the ...
  • Replied in Update
    Just thought I'd follow up on this thread. I opted for a refurbished Nikon 55-300 mm purchased from Cameta. (Thanks to the poster who mentioned Cameta.) I did this for several reasons.  1) It's not ...
  • Does any one have any suggestions for a bridge camera that takes decent to good pics at the long end?  I've read up on the Sony mentioned by earthbound_ca.  That's certainly a possibility. Anyone ...
  • I have a new thought now.  Kind of a compromise if you will.  I thinking of getting a new Nikon 55-200 mm telephoto lens.  Those things, even new are dirt cheap.  I've seen USA models for under ...
  • Created question thread Nikon 55-200 mm telephoto and TC?
    Are there any TC's available that will work with the old standby Nikon 55-200 mm telephoto kit lens?
  • How would I know if it's digital or optical?  The exif doesn't say. Or is there a cutoff for the difference.  For example -  lets say 1-70 mm is optical and everything 71 mm to max is digital?
  • Created question thread Refurbished or Used Lens
    Obviously, the major attraction of either a Nikon factory refurbished or a used lens is the price. Just as obviously, the major drawback is either the 90 factory warranty for refurbished lenses and ...
  • I saw the 152 mm for the 1st picture and 428.4 mm for the 2nd picture. Is it just known that anything over a certain mm reading means it's digital?  And if it's under a certain mm it's optical?
  • What in the second picture indicates he's using digital zoom. I'm not familiar with either bridge cameras in general, and the P900 in particular.
  • I currently have the 55-200 mm kit type telephoto, not a 70-200 mm lens. All this is definitely confusing me.  I read reviews that say the 70-300 mm is pretty decent between 200-300 mm.  Then other ...
  • The price of the 55-300 lens is certainly attractive, and very tempting.  Along with the fact it starts at 55mm which is were my kit lens (18-55mm) ends. But every review I've read says the auto ...
  • Where I'm going getting closer with my feet usually isn't possible.  Don't want to get close to bison, coyotes, wolves, and bears.
  • Darn you.  Now I have even more to think about. :)  But thanks for the suggestion.  It is something I'll have mull over now. What I don't understand is how the P900 can go out to 2000 mm while a ...
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