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Dan Tong: A very useful article. Here is what would have made it better:

1. Discuss any differences in how Photoshop Bridge w Raw Processor works and differs from Lightroom.

3. Discuss the cons of the database management in Lightroom etc. For example how the whole thing breaks down when backup to a new device or decide to re-organize your files, without fully understanding how the database in Lightroom works.

2. Have a detailed evaluation of batch file naming and renaming in each of the programs.

3. A Summary Table would have been nice showing how each program was ranked with each of the task evaluations.

Error in text: Additional Features page you state that Capture One focus Mask tool is highlighted in red, when in fact the illustration shows green highlights.

In summary a very nice job. We need more comparisons like this.



Regarding the error, the "highlighted in red" referred to their circling the button that corresponds to that feature.

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