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Nikon. Leica, Zeiss, old Kodak DCS Pro which I'll never give up. Recently acquired an Oly Pen to play around with. Shoot commercial but love infrared, cross processing, stuff off the beaten path.


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On article Is Sony making a sensor/lens combo for smartphones? (110 comments in total)

It wasn't that long ago that DPR said it wanted nothing to do with publishing rumors. Guess things have changed.

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57even: Currently, companies benefit from the massive informal usage of Photoshop and it's position as the standard. People make money from classes, tutorials, plug ins and magazines aimed specifically at enthusiasts, many of whom have become quite proficient.

This market will look for other solutions. The new revenue streams will generate investment potential for Corel, C1 and others and soon us consumers will have a stream of competitive products, only without all the tools that photographers never need.

Now heading off to download a trial version of PSP and see if I can make it work with LR. Anyone tried?

It should link up with Lightroom just like any other editing executable. However I have been a PSP user for a few specific purposes for a few years, and here are some comments I wrote on my blog today:

"This is really a prime opportunity for Corel to get their act together and make Paint Shop Pro work like a real program. It is deficient in so many ways with many of the tools being childllike and awkward. The Hue and Saturation adjustments come to mind – totally deficient. Corel has promise – they just need to finesse some things in the right way so that things aren’t so clunky. For instance, their White Balance tool in X5 is really good for problem jpegs. But the program’s raw converter pretty much sucks canal water. They should take the really good stuff and build on it and get some working professionals to beta test it."

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That tote looks like a granny satchel and as a female, there is no way on the planet I would ever use that. I guess I'm not a Diva. They really hit the wrng mark with that one.

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So they re-used a photo - so what? This is last year's news. Where ya been?


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On article Google pulls plug on desktop version of Snapseed (63 comments in total)
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smatty: Buy and destroy!

A strategy I never understood...

I guess we all kind of knew it was coming when NIK was sold.

@jeffordphoto - I think it's already gone. When I read the news release yesterday that gave the dissolve dates, Snapseed Desktop said "Today". I bought it when first released. It's been useful for some tasks.

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Digitall: When come out the Nikon Coolpix B? :)

Anyway, here is a video from this model:

There is a viewfinder. It's an option that only costs $450.

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Camediadude: Please, for the love of mercy, no more about facebook...

Why is this even considered News?

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MichaelK81: HDR makes a scene look fake, and begs the viewer to question its authenticity. What John Omvik seems to conveniently forget is that while the cameras in use today are not capable of recording the full dynamic range, the display methods (whether in print or on the screen) are equally incapable of reproducing it. So in effect, while an HDR photo may contain the full dynamic range (as seen by the human eye), this image cannot be accurately displayed because neither newspaper nor magazine print can reproduce such a broad dynamic range, and neither can LCD screens. Photo reportage, whose authenticity is questioned by the viewer, has in effect failed to deliver that raw emotion which it aims for. However, this debate is best had amongst photographers, and not marketers of HDR software.

Absolutely. What's worse? Very good HDR that should in essence be undetectable to anyone to properly balance the image, or a bad Curves adjustment that can potentially obliterate data in the image?

And by the way, there are "one shot" filters that can apply a dose of HDR to a single image - you don't need bracketed exposures. Most here likely know this, but several people I know personally are under the impression that you need multiple exposures. You don't.

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This means that any photographer who has used Selective Color can be called a criminal. Maybe that's a good thing.

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Fellowpedestrian: I had been an Adobe photoshop follower since PS4 up until CS3. I then realized that every other year, they'd bring a so-called upgrade and ask for more money. I think in all, that software caused me a lot of money. I now work mostly with Corel. I've had all their photo apps up to the latest and it works fine and it's a lot cheaper. All the fancy Mac users will have you believe that you're not a real photographer if you don't use Adobe. My clients could not care less!

@danny I totally agree with you here. I did a recent rant post about the issue on my blog. I am at CS2. A few months ago I got the Corel PSP X4 or whatever it is just to run some plugins for fun as they would not run on my old CS2. Being a Photoshop user since about 1997, I find the Corel product clunky to say the least. But as I only use it on a limited basis, I can live with the shortcomings.

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njkdo: Dpr in doing a great job to try to give us a good reason to accept this product, Nikon have to be really grateful, but really if after 1000 post negatives they don't understand where is wrong, it is really ...people don't like DOT

Yeah really love the breakfast eggs. DPR what the heck were you thinking when posting this? Really disgraceful coming from you "experts".

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