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Daedbird: I really wish they would have made a case that allowed it to go underwater

They likely can't make one that would work. It's the same problem with the older style curved GoPro cases and the ones for the Sony action cameras. You need to shoot through a flat pane of glass due to the different refraction angles between water and air. With the huge field of view on the Theta there's probably not really a way they could have pulled that off.

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This would be far more interesting, and cheaper, if they used the pack style film Fuji still makes. No need for the electronics to automatically roll the film out. Not to mention that film is much higher quality than what the Impossible Project is putting out for the 1-step cameras.

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On article Lomography seeks crowdfunding for Lomo'Instant Camera (40 comments in total)

I really dislike the whole idea of how Lomography sells photography and hipsterism. Some of the abilities are neat, especially when compared to the Fuji 90 (with bulb and multi exposure), but the lens itself looks like rubbish. Just make a damn camera that can take a clean picture and give the option to mess it up. I'll stick with my pack cameras for instant photography. They're way cheaper too.

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joe6pack: I bet the aperture is fixed still. While it is good for low light, it will hurt at daylight.

Hurt in that in that the shutter speed probably isn't fast enough to not horribly over expose in bright light.

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babalu: The pictures certainly do not reveal a very flattering side of Sochi. I ask myself if this was purpose, taking into account of Sochi being a once so called "behind the iron curtain" city. I wonder when we'll see the same kind of gallery for Detroit, for example.

You must not be aware of the mountains of ruin pron taken in Detroit and lack of any optimistic portrayal of the place.

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CameraLabTester: "A typical DSLR has around 120 screws of 11 different sizes."

This cadaver had only 29 screws of just three different sizes.

THAT says a LOT of what's going on inside those R&D labs... they deliver.

Other brands just re-badge, clone and tweak.


As far as the cadaver says right at the beginning of the article that they put it back together and it's fully functional.

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More On: Not a dealbreaker but what's with USB2 in 2014?

Probably because USB 3.0 micro connects are pretty big for a camera where they're trying to keep size down.

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