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Antony John: Interesting concept.
Dyes as used in Bayer filters are not light stable and would degrade with time producing a colour shift. Wonder if anyone has ever experienced this?
Then again possibly the other mechanics of the camera would fail first before this becomes problematical with the number of actuations required to get to a noticable degradation threshold.
Now if only they could design photosites that were sensitive only to some specific light frequency bands (RGB) this would do away with the requirement for any 'pre-processing' of the light (Bayer array etc) to start with.

As far as I understand that would not make much difference:

White Light is parted into red, blue and green.
If you filter away red and blue, you have a loss of around 66% light.
If a certain (sub)pixel is just sensitive to green light, it ignores red and blue, which means it ignores around 66% of the available light.

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