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So, okay, it's a toy. But what a delightful toy! As someone who loves both TLRs and instant cameras, I'll cop to wanting one, despite it's limitations.

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SyedSadaqatAli: Range finder, no autofocus, (not)great looks and what lenses?. If I had money to buy a leica lens, i would have money to buy leica camera too. Until it is within 1500-2000 USD range, it is out of question.

And don't forget the used market: the M-mount has been around since 1953 and there are many fine used lenses out there. Used Leica glass isn't exactly cheap, but with a little judicious shopping, can be surprisingly affordable.

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I have no problem with the concept in principal, and if a new start-up can make it work, cheers to that. The digital rangefinder is a smart idea, but on a design level, they need to alter the shape of the grip so it's not quite so easy to put fingers in front of the rangefinder port. Their own promo video shows users doing this.

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As an early adopter of Impossible Project films, I have to say, yes - they're a work in progress: The black and white film is prone to streaking, fogging, fading over time, is inconsistent in its exposure and has a tonal curve like stepping off a cliff. The current color film is a bit different, in it has more acceptable tonality - if a bit too yellow in its highlights, is more consistent and less prone to fogging. But the opacifying agent takes nearly two hours to clear, so shooting this film isn't really giving you an 'instant photo' experience. As one of Impossible's 'Pioneer' users, I was able to buy a couple packs of their beta third generation color film, due out later this year, and found it much improved, both in color and clearing time. Worth waiting for.

Most medium format camera Polaroid backs, by the way, do not use these the films, but the older peel-apart pack films. Fuji still makes a 100 ISO film that is lovely, consistent and comparably cheap, at about $9 a pack.

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It's lovely, to be sure, but I'm not convinced by either the touch screen interface or the tactile grip of a solid block of aluminum. After reading several reviews, it seems to me the more compelling case is for the Lumix GX7 with a Leica Summilux and Nocticron kit.

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I had not heard of Saul Leiter's work prior to seeing an interview with Todd Haynes discussing his version of 'Mildred Pierce'; apparently Mr. Leiter's sense of color and framing was highly influential in Haynes' film adaptation.

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