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  • Created discussion thread canon 1D MKlll af point brightnest
    I'm a former 7D and 70 D OWNER  This past JUNE I was told I have declared LEGALLY BLIND  I know the brightness of the above 2 cameras I SOLD  them but now I want to get back into shooting one ...
  • Created discussion thread bst mirrorless CAMERA
    looking for the best MIRRORLESS camera with the BEST EVF as well as brightest  AF  selection  3 months ago I was declared BLIND  have a hard time using the LIVEVIEW mode  so camera will need ...
  • Created discussion thread BEST camera With BRIGHTEST AF points
    due to DIABETIS my vision is going down hill quicker than I cant belive  Looking for either a FULL FRAME  or APS/C camera to shoot heatshots  and catalog fashion  Money is very tight so even a USED ...
  • budget is approx. 3000 USD need body  80-200 f2.8 wide to mid range zoom and say 2 flashes  oops extra battery grip too mike
  • Created discussion thread FILM vs DIGITAL ?
    ? to all PHOTOGRAPHERs on DPR  my ? to you is the following How many of YOU  came from the OLF film days or currently started shooting when DIGITAL  got going? thanks for information  sorry for ...
  • Created discussion thread GEAR SELECTION ?
    after loosing my gear when I moved back to California from Chicago and a  little over a year time away from shooting its time to get behind camera again I shoot football/American  soccer  field ...
  • Created discussion thread camera gear selection
  • Created discussion thread POCKET WIZARDS in EUROPE
    in SPRING  of 2017 I'm heading to AUSTRIA for a couple of photo sessions  about a month or so I was told I would not be able to use my POCKET WIZARDS to trigger my flashes  something to do with the ...
  • Created discussion thread STREET PHOTOGRAPHY in NYC
    looking to do a simple FASHION shoot on the streets of NYC is the city going to clamp down and require me to get a PERMIT? MIKE
  • Created discussion thread team sport portraits
    looking for a site that will show TEAM sport group as well as individual pics  looking for some new looks  not images that look like the ones we shot in 1975
  • Created discussion thread going back old school
    after a 5 month hiaris from shooting and then to top things off UPS lost my gear in my move back to CALIFORNIA  I have nothing want to try and go back to shooting MANUAL   any ides what I should ...
  • Created discussion thread DSLR to be used for online video
    of the current models of NIKON DSLE which would be the best for ESPN type videos for online use?
  • Created discussion thread Go Pro?
    hoping to return to EUROPE LATER THIS FALL  Would you guys ever consider using the GoPro as a single Camera for both stills as well as video  or would you use the go pro for video only and bring ...
  • Created discussion thread need your help AF POINT ?
    due to a disability I have  I'm looking for a camera whos AF  points are BIG and BRIGHT DIABETIS has caused my vison to go down hill very quickly any help is much appreciated  sorry about typos mike
  • Created discussion thread cool pix for video
    looking for a Coolpix camera to shoot video  needs to have tradicional viewfinder  I blind in 1 eye  cant use or see live view very well  whats a good choice
  • Created discussion thread simple video camera for travel
    heading off to EUROPE as well as maybe JAPAN  Whats a simple easy to use to document my travels mike
  • Replied in iphone 3s ?
    not sure what model my cousin said a 3 s maybe I will head over to a apple store
  • Created discussion thread iphone 3s ?
    my cousin sent me his old iPhone 3s  its charging up ok  my ? is do I need to have a cell carrier hooked up to use it to take pictues with it along with video? any help much appreciated happy holidays
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