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luke through the lens: Taken a long time to bring out a "new" LC1 !!

Might try it when its £300 S/H .Until then the Sony Nex 7 will do fine

You said it : at last, a new LC1!

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Langusta: Apparently problem is more pronounced with 70-200 f/2.8… Seems It's safer to hammer nails in with 70-200 f/4.

That's EXACTLY what I thought each time a client brought back a broken 100-400 : Why do they use it to hammer nails ?
Small world ;-)

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When I was renting lenses, the one that went back most to the CPS (Canon Professional Service) was the 100-400 IS.
That does not necessarily means it's weak, but may be that the users are clumsy...

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rekky: As a Nikon DSLR system owner, can someone remind me, again, why would I even consider purchasing anything in the Nikon System 1 product family? If I wanted to go compact, instead of going for another system, I'd purchase something higher end such as the Sony RX100. Sorry, but one system eats up more than enough of my cash.

Try to stay completely silent when shooting, and you'll have your answer.
The N1 is the camera with the "biggest" sensor able of absolute silence (thanks to its electronic shutter capacity).
Good for hunting, movie, etc.
Sure, if this is not a criteria for you...

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Simply superb !
Wonderful work, good luck.

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The dream camera for most people is... the next to come :-/
(i.e. never satisfied)

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Bevardis: Rangefinder system is outdated? Please, with some training you can be just as fast as any SLR lens, if not even faster. And also >100% viewfinder is such an amazing thing.

Taking pictures with RFs is nothing like SLR in many respects- not better, not worse, but just so different.

It is such a shame no affordable camera exists.... Even at $9000 M9 body offers inferior performance to entry level DSLRs for $500. Solution- do the film and dream of Canonet D :)

...dream of Canonet D...
Count me in !

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cboudier: Is this camera completely silent ?

too late to edit...

"... makes the G1 X exceptionally quiet in operation (as long as you turn off all of the synthesised operational noises. Indeed it's almost too quiet - there's almost no feedback when you take a shot."

Will it possible to hear this in the full review please ?

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Is this camera completely silent ?

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