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  • If new Sony sensors (A7RII or D810) beat Canon in DR, then don't miss any opportunity to emphasize than Canon provides poor DR.

    If new Sony or Nikon systems fall behind in DR (A9, D5) then they...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS M6 Review

    I think the 50/1.4 is quite sharp when used on APS-C (sweet spot) @24MP and stopped down. Probably sufficient for studio tests.

  • Well, in this case many images in this challenge are 'sandbagged' since they follow the challenge rules and are technically well done and get quite some 0.5 or 1.0 (so I learned that 1.0 seems also...

  • @vitto So I have been wrong.
    Thanks for posting the link. This article is what I was always looking for. It should be linked more prominently (now I found a small link 'some tips' in the 'Challenge...

  • @man4 My statement questioning arrogance was addressed to vbuhay who imputed dishonesty. Sorry for not clearly addressing.

    Unless we know the details of the voting system we can only assume what a...

  • While I don't know the exact algorithm that calculates the overall weighted rating (3.513) I'm pretty sure that it will be slightly less w/o these 5 votes at 0.5 points. That is to say that a 0.5...

  • Isn't it a little bit arrogant to impute dishonesty to those who didn't get enthusiastic about your image and rated it by 'only' 0.5?
    What's about all the members who didn't vote for your image at...

  • To me not only the cottage looks old but also the image, just as if old film was used ;-)
  • Replied in Soothing scene
    Nice shot. B&W works very well. The image is a little bit dark IMO but may be this makes it special.
  • Nice shots. I like #1 more than #2. However #1 shows some uninteresting green area at the bottom (almost 1/3rd) so the crop looks little bit unbalanced to me.
  • Commented on photo Clearing Sky - Mt Hood, Oregon in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    @Uniqumm: I think this rule works for FF and I have made good experiences with it. In case of APS-C you may have to use the equivalent focal length.

  • Commented on photo Clearing Sky - Mt Hood, Oregon in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    @PhotoTeach2 Using the 500 rule helps to avoid startrails:
    "500 Divided By the Focal Length of Your Lens = The Longest Exposure (in Seconds) Before Stars Start to “Trail”"
    Some use 600 instead of...

  • Commented on challenge Dawns first rays

    BTW, does anybody has a clue how the votings and rates are used to get the winner?
    #1's votes (rating 0.5, 1, 1.5, ..) : 0,0,1,2,2,7,5,4,0,3
    #2's votes (rating 0.5, 1, 1.5, ..) :...

  • Is it the new Canon body, the photographer(s) or the weather?
    This sample gallery contrasts to many other sample galleries previously published by DPR.
    Well done.

  • Commented on photo Shadow lines in the Dawns first rays challenge

    I really like this shot. To my taste I like it much more than the winner, which is a perfect shot, but too clean. Just my $0.02

  • Commented on challenge mountain

    Sometimes I really do not understand the votings of these challenges. There are so many interesting shots, such as #41 (my favorite followed by #5) or #24, #14, #22, #31 ... But voters obviosly...

  • Commented on article Sony SLT a99 II Review

    Mared, can you prove your "scientific" post? (sources, ...)

  • Commented on article Sony SLT a99 II Review

    Looking at Tequila's example I'd suggest Canon wins but looking at sobermeier's example probably 645z wins.
    BTW, Canon DSLRs come with a 'Color tone' slider (part of the picture style settings)...

  • Commented on photo Red Kite, Grey Day. in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    It is like ski racing where a 1/100s makes the difference of a 2 minutes downhill :-)

  • Commented on photo Red Kite, Grey Day. in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    This was a close run (I voted for #2 :-)
    #1 = 3.511 pts
    #2 = 3.407 pts
    Without doubt the 1st place of Red Kite is well deserved.
    Great shot!
    And very interesting to read about the performance of...

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