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  • How about
    "Please post a photo of a wild flower or grouping of flowers. No deliberately planted flowers such as gardens, arboretums, or planters allowed. "
    If you vote w/o considering the...

  • I agree. Should be disqualified IMHO.
    BTW, voters obviously don't consider the tips for voting
    "Rate each image...

  • Commented on challenge Wish I were there...

    What are we voting for?
    The subject or the shot?
    Great shot of a place I (just me, personally) definitely do not want to go?
    Poor shot of a nice place I'd like to visit?

  • Commented on photo Observation in the Night work.. challenge

    Well, may be one approach to creativity is to say that it starts where cliche ends?

    So I think the definition of 'cliche' helps: 'a phrase or an idea that has been used so often that it no longer...

  • Yake, I'm not an anything-advocate. I'm just disappointed by the 6DII. I'm aware of all Canon benefits (colors, reliability, user interface, service, no oil spread, no shutter issues and so on ......

  • Commented on photo Adrift in the South Wind in the Wish I were there... challenge

    Great shot!!!
    But I do not wish I were there :-)

  • Commented on photo Observation in the Night work.. challenge

    While this image certainly shows quite some amount of technical perfection (focus stacking and related stuff), it does not tell anything to me.
    IMO, from an artistric point of view, the image is...

  • @ozturert et al,
    I do no overrate DR, not at all. But if - after five years (5!) - the 6DII has worse DR than the 6D ("mark I") , this is a desaster -- in particular after CANON demonstrated by...

  • @anulu You shouldn't overvalue dxo marks.

    For example dxo score rates the results of all f-stops. Hence the 'same' lens will get different scores depending on its max f-number. In other words, a...

  • Some good news from Canon ...
    after the 6DII desaster.

  • Commented on photo Winter scape in the Wish I were there... challenge

    Kappo, you already posted this image to four challenges

    "Additional rules:...Photos which have been entered in multiple...

  • Is it the lens (24-105 II), the sensor or agressive denoise (OOC JPG)?
    Many images look so soft that there is little room for cropping.

  • Sh!it happens ... the diffenence makes how manufacturers support their customers. AFAIR NIKON was not very obliging with D600 oil spread issue for example. There was no recall. Instead customers...

  • @stevo23 "...All images processed lightly in Adobe Camera Raw. Lens corrections disabled..." So what you see is not the camera but the ACR processing, the software or its user's abilities

  • Good work Barney. There are some very nice shots among your example images.
    However, most of them show little details.
    Maybe the settings when processing in DPP (ver 4.x?) have not been...

  • If new Sony sensors (A7RII or D810) beat Canon in DR, then don't miss any opportunity to emphasize than Canon provides poor DR.

    If new Sony or Nikon systems fall behind in DR (A9, D5) then they...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS M6 Review

    I think the 50/1.4 is quite sharp when used on APS-C (sweet spot) @24MP and stopped down. Probably sufficient for studio tests.

  • Well, in this case many images in this challenge are 'sandbagged' since they follow the challenge rules and are technically well done and get quite some 0.5 or 1.0 (so I learned that 1.0 seems also...

  • @vitto So I have been wrong.
    Thanks for posting the link. This article is what I was always looking for. It should be linked more prominently (now I found a small link 'some tips' in the 'Challenge...

  • @man4 My statement questioning arrogance was addressed to vbuhay who imputed dishonesty. Sorry for not clearly addressing.

    Unless we know the details of the voting system we can only assume what a...

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