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Olcay12: There is no demo download, isn'it? For downloading, it requires to register to the site with a serial number of a Hasselblad product, as far as I can see.

although sadly, if you're using another brand (from the manual): "In practice this means you should expect the following tools to be inactive: Highlight recovery, Shadow ll, Clarity, Lens corrections, Noise reduction and Scene calibration."

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MutantLabs: I want it to look like my ME Super. But even this teaser shows that it won't :-(.

Other than that, nothing special:
- K-Mount
- And something (unexpected) that makes Canon and Pentax sweat a little.

ME Super had auto and manual exposure I think.

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Mike FL: Olympus' selling point is IBIS.

If Panasonic can make IBIS as good as Olympus, Panasonic may be able to compete with Olympus. Otherwise Panasonic will keep going down:


"Panasonic will keep going down" – but the link you gave says: "Panasonic and Canon are both slightly trending upward in 3rd and 4th place" ?

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Beckler8: Like all the haters here, I too think this is pretty stupid. It's a luxury image camera. But then admit that Rolls Royce and Rolex are ridiculous as well. At least this camera is a rebadge of a great model, whereas those two examples are badges of nothing.

"Rolls Royce engines are based on BMW engines"

Tell that to an Airbus.

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BLongborough: Right royal screw-ups in the UI: no Process tab (replaced by obscure and miserable list); process now needs two clicks rather than one (process tab moved to silly dialogue); presets menu now full of slowly-forming thumbnails, when you finally find it hidden away on the right-hand end of the toolbar; stupid iPhone-like switches in place of tickboxes in the palettes, except they aren't; and before/after preview with mouse click is gone - you have no idea how useful that was.

And it's still slow.

So, DxO, your mark is "E" for Effort, only, I'm afraid.

I get a free upgrade (I only bought 8 ten days ago), fine, I'll run the two versions in parallel; if not, I'll stick with 8, thanlks.

"before/after preview with mouse click is gone…"

it's moved to a 'compare' button at top of window – phew – it WAS (is) useful!

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mcshan: This announcement is a big letdown. For once I wish even the biggest Olympus fanboys could admit that asking for a sensor to match the S90-95-100 etc. was not asking for much. 1/1.7 would have been nice.

Makes me appreciate the RX100 even more.

even better: get a url shortener

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Jim144: In Oxford where I often shop, Jessops have 2 stores in the town centre about 5 mins walk from each other. Total waste of costs. And in Milton Keynes there are also two stores - one in the Centre MK and another in a dying, slightly out of town retail park. If they thought those were both sustainable ideas, then the management brought it on themselves.

Two stores in the town where I live as well. The original one had been going for decades as an independent before being bought by Jessops. They were seething when the second one opened just round the corner literally within 100yards. They told me Jessops were operating the fast-food-franchise model of starting one store and when/if it became successful, opened a second to generate competition.

On the issue of competing with online stores: I bought my first Ixus from their online store - the name of which gave you no clue that it was owned by Jessops (or so I was told) - but undercut their bricks 'n' mortar store by 30%.

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Jolly Oly: On the first look it looks like a minor upgrade, not worth $100 for Elite version upgrade.
But the biggest issue I have now is that I don't trust them any more.
With DxO the whole meaning of fast, automatic workflow with minimum involvement and very good end results is based on modules. So when I bought v.7 more than one year ago the module for one of my favourite lens was almost out. Then it was postponed to 10/2012, and in 10/2012 was postponed again to 2013. That is more than one year delay for one of the most used mFT lens - the Panansonic 14mm f/2.5 pancake.
So if modul for some of your equipment is on the planned list, don't take that too seriously. A shame but true.

I quite agree. I think the wait for the 14mm module has been quite a bit longer than that. What makes the wait even more bizarre is that the 14mm+body has been a standard offering from Panasonic since (at least) the GF2.

I only use the 14mm + 20mm so it's extremely frustrating to have DxO's particular benefits only available for some pics.

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pacogwapo: Probably 70% of this mirrorless sales came from iphone and other android smartphones:)

Why would you want to do that? Even as it is you can't distinguish those that bought a smartphone phone for a) its ability to make phone calls b) the quality of the camera. And now you suggest it would be helpful to add in 4/3, NEX, etc to make a one big category?

Then again, I suppose it would have the advantage that some could then criticise EVIL cameras for their inabilities as communication devices.

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Oltenus: The design of this camera is very ugly. Horrible! The designer, very weak, must learn to design cameras !!!

So you said in the thread about the K-01.
This thread is about lenses.

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Nate21: The different companies that join a open format means a great selection of products.

Wiki (yes, yes, I know) describes it as:
"an open standard, but companies may only use it under a non-disclosure agreement".
Perhaps not the most open form of 'open' !

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Esa Tuunanen: Current mirrorless system cameras can't really be categorized well in any way.
Instead of established groups like inside compacts and DLSRs they're more like compacts and DSLRs smashed together with feature sets and everything all over the place.
Even prices don't follow feature sets and controls/ergonomy so well.

Also advertised features shouldn't be taken as equal: Settings in menus are far less usefull than direct controls.
In the end none of the mirrorless cameras has controls equal to higher end DSLRs and either lack enough dials or bullet-point engineer settings in a way which isn't consistent and clear unlike direct button+turn of dial combination.

And despite of human hand setting limit for ergonomic size of body, grip and controls there's this manic obsessive size shrinking.
While mirrorless concept enables small bodies it shouldn't mean small only-policy but diverse choises from compacts to real DSLR challenging high end bodies inside the system.

Because all his/her subjects are static?

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Don Wiss: I see they are listing mirrorless cameras. I thought those cameras had lens correction built in? What does this software give me for a m4/3 camera?

Geometry and vignetting correction for lenses. The correction you refer to applies to in-camera jpgs but not RAW files - and therefore also need DxO to provide modules for each lens you own to do those particular corrections.

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photocine: I Love Traveling!


As I read your link (and from there to: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/travelling) it depends on whether you consider the word to be a verb or an adjective. If the latter it should be a double L.

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Jim Lowell: Good post. Many don't really look before shooting these digital days because digital is cheap and cameras are so advanced. Each pic is not an actual cost like film used to be, so we would be more careful then. I came from film, so I automatically "look" a little longer by habit today, but shooting RAW and using PSHOP later has made me I admit lazier today. I'll clone out that annoying post now. Composing the scene is still important.

All of the above plus one more thing made me lazy - that dratted kit zoom! Gone back to using just a 50mm plus 28mm equiv. just as I used to use with my Pentax MX - when I took my best photos. Just a personal preference but it suits my subjects/pics.

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steve ohlhaber: I have had this happen so many times, even by the police. It would be great if everyone really knew the law. Its hard to figure what is public land though. Tripods are usually a problem on sidewalks for safety reasons where the sidewalk isnt really big enough for a tripod and people, so I understand that even if it is legal. Love the video, great stuff, its a great topic.

sorry, that should've read:

you're entitled to use them to gain access to your place of work from your home and vice versa, for example.

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steve ohlhaber: I have had this happen so many times, even by the police. It would be great if everyone really knew the law. Its hard to figure what is public land though. Tripods are usually a problem on sidewalks for safety reasons where the sidewalk isnt really big enough for a tripod and people, so I understand that even if it is legal. Love the video, great stuff, its a great topic.

I think that here in the UK (maybe incl.Scotland too?) the tripods issue, apart from the health & safety aspect, is more a matter of causing an obstruction. Very strictly speaking, we only have the right to use footpaths, bridleways, highways to pass from one location to another - not to be actually 'on them' as such.

A friend (who is an expert to some degree!) explained it to me; you're entitled to use them to gain access to your place of work and from your home vice versa, for example.

And see my later post for a bit about how 'private property' can still be a 'public place'.

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007peter: OMG, we need to do the same in America. I can't use DSLR here without mall cops (security guard) getting in my face :(

and yet, here in the UK at least, 'private property' e.g. a shopping mall, can still be a public place. The owner is entitled to ask you to stop photographing but you were entitled to start in the first place.

Put simply, mall owners, etc., can't reasonably open their property to the public, expect them to spend their money and then not regard them as members of the public - i.e. in a 'public place'.

Even having a letter box and a doorbell on a private house gives the public 'inferred rights'; you're entitled to ask them to leave of course!

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JJJPhoto: Honestly, I have no interest in "another" proprietary lens system. I feel like we've already got too many of those and the problem is getting worse with compact system cameras. Fujifilm either needs to stick with the Nikon mount or (if they are going in the direction of an interchangeable X100) they should go with an existing compact system lens mount like Micro Four Thirds or the Sony NEX lens mount. As far as I know Micro Four Thirds is the only "open" standard so that probably makes the most sense.

Fujifilm will probably ignore common sense and develop another proprietary lens mount ... then they'll go bankrupt and be purchased by Ricoh. ;)

That announcement was for the spec for lens/mount manufacturers - so not 'open' as JJJPhoto was suggesting.

Also, the Sony spec didn't state whether it included AF protocols; fitting the (rather lovely - I use one) Panasonic 20mm to Olympus bodies gives you the quality but not the speed apparently.

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