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I am a digital camera aficionado, having been introduced to its use at my workplace nearly three years ago. Since that time, I've owned the following digicams starting in this order: I/O Magic, HP Photosmart 315, Minolta S304 DiMage, HP Photosmart 318, Kodak LS420, Minolta DiMage F100, the LS420 and the F100, Casio 110, and the Panasonic LX70. I went on to owning four, consecutive Canon SLRs and four, consecutive, pocket Canon PowerShots. Presently I use the Canon EOS SL1 and the PowerShot A1300 and A1400 and my trusty Casio 110. My growing hobby with digital cameras led me into the self-study of photography itself. My desire is to become a serious amateur photographer. There is tremendous self-satisfaction in becoming a competent photographer thanks to digital cameras' innate self-correcting capabilities. And add on to that, one develops own photographs quickly and cleanly, without chemicals. What more could one ask for?


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pender: I bought this camera 3 weeks ago. I just downloaded my last 3 weeks of shooting, 2400 images, and nothing was sharp. I have been a Canon user professionally for years and I have never seen such poor images produced from a camera; the images at times look like the old 110mm camera images. Even in bright sun, high shutter speed and f stop, at wide angle the images are soft. I bought this as a "fun" camera, the size seemed right, it is an absolute disaster. Right now I feel ill for all the images lost. They are soft, the color is desaturated, the exposure is all over the place. If a camera cannot shoot a sharp image in wide angle at infinity there is a serious problem. I am going to try to return the camera as it is completely not useable. Perhaps I got the "lemon" but the images it produced are just gut-wrenchingly bad.

I thought it was either my imagination or my new EOS SL1 was defective. I could've sworn my previous three Canon SLR's had better sharpness than the SL1. You can really see the lack of sharpness when enlarging the photos. I don't know what is the problem. Is it a design flaw? I read here that I am not the only one observing the lack of photo sharpness and the softness of the photos. But the video function is great. I think it even matches the high-priced vidcams. That said, buy an Omni-directional mike for better sound recording. I don't know if the SL1 can be corrected for the picture softness and lack of sharpness. Jeff

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