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  • The WB distract and detract from the intended focal point. I too love the sleeping child on shoulder. Have you not considered a monochrome conversion? Industrial green lighting has its place but I ...
  • Dov are you referring to Stresa in Lago Maggiore? North west of Milano? I honeymooned on one of the Borromean islands many years ago. Delightful part of Italy it was. Put a smile on my face Viewing ...
  • Replied in Less is more
    the close up framing engages my mind well beyond the first few seconds - has me wondering what is beyond your selected frame. that first car (black) looks delightful while the last model has a ...
  • Bravo my friend. a delightful series and a story-teller you certainly are. Clipped highlights are so much more forgiving with film and  as always tip my hat to your signature style and framing and ...
  • Hi Paul The summicron is a delightful lens though I only have the original 7r and the edges don't play so well in colour. These images are wonderfully engaging in your closeness and the direct gaze ...
  • Thank you Aleksander i do get a sense of being a voyeur inside those small spaces.  Plenty of delightful offering on your website as well. David
  • Replied in Negative Space
    Positively inviting space. I just don't have the time these days to play around so I enjoy this effort from you all the more David
  • Replied in I agree
    with Rodrigue the place and the light together lends itself to photography. David
  • Delightful framing Dana. David
  • He was almost that for me as well back in them days. Good to see the new acquisition is not gathering dust with the wall of amps. I like the sense of depth and space with your crowd shots. The #1 ...
  • Thank you Marcus. Image looks warm. Did you do this in pp? I ask from anticipation as I'm halfway through a roll of Velvia 50 myself. david
  • My sentiments as well Ece regarding simulation software. I have really tried to have an open mind when it comes to the means employed to get to what I want. But truth is, it ain't doing it for me. ...
  • I second those sentiments. The images carry an intention and structure about them, almost formal-like. David
  • A delightful interplay of tones Tony. Pleased you dug this one out from the archives to share. Im trying to imagine your hike up Whistler. 😎⛷ thanks david
  • Replied in Lena
    one of my weakness the sidelighting - almost tend to overdo it that would presuppose the presence of some artistic disposition on my part - which I can assure you is not the case.  I was seated in ...
  • Replied in Irakly ....
    Funny you should notice (still) i had dialled down the green channel almost to -100 but you are right of course about the trademark green that is Fuji reala. I had a love-hate affair with it for years.
  • Very nicely done. Pleased you made sure dof was sufficient.  Very tempting with fast lenses to shoot wide open. David
  • Replied in 3 portraits
    The warmest and kind human being she is too. I took this when I dropped in to see her on her 86th birthday. She thought she looked old and ugly. I thought she was wise and beautiful. Funny how we ...
  • Words get in the way Rodrigue. if you read again my message, you will find I meant just the opposite of what you understood. Enjoy your weekend. David
  • Nice .... and you were a long way from home, in my territory at that. Where else did you get to in the outback? David
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