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On article Macphun announces Luminar photo editing app for Mac (38 comments in total)

What about such things as correction of key stone distortion? What about film emulations including grain and toning? I looked at Macphun's B&W emulation S/W and was not impressed compared to Nik's (now Goggle's) Silver Efex. Give me a reason to dump Capture One.

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Which means I am in no hurry to open a Fickr account and put my content on their servers. To be truthful I have always been skeptical in something that sounds too good to be true - because it usually turns out to be too good to be true. Next thing you know they will claim the owner has given permission to use it just because it is on their server - read the fine print it probably is already there.

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Nikon was looking for a home run. The last home run came with the SLR which changed the camera industry and is still dominate - independent of digital sensor or film. Home runs are difficult to come by. What people want is not important - it is what people buy is. I expect the Nikon 1 type cameras will be around in the mix for a long time. However, just as the flexibility of the SLR system limited the rangefinder cameras of the 50's and 60's to a niche - I expect the flexibility of the DSLR system will limit the mirrorless to a niche. That doesn't mean that the companies won't pursue their development or limit their utility.

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