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when has DPR become a website for telephone features without any useful information about it's camera, like evals? there isn't even a link to any offsite evaluation of that either, in these postings. it really seems out of place here. google will find you plenty of sites that lack quality information about the camera and only talk about features/specs on paper. dpr still is about cameras and iq, right? or did I miss something?

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noisephotographer: Zeiss optics means absolutely nothing. Smartphone lenses are already very sharp. Especially when the sensor resolution is just 13 megapixels. Would be more interesting if they say Zeiss optics with 50 megapixel sensor. Then one needs really sharp lenses.

I don't see how you would get better images with tinier photosites... they're already only 1.12 micrometers in size. Unless your goal is to have huge files and need a computer only the few can afford, to process those enormous pictures. When you're in that category, you use a REAL camera!

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AARonron: Great article. I would like to see a follow-up that summarized when each style of shutter is most beneficial and examples of applications each excels at.
For example, I've read more than one photog gush over how great silent shooting is for their portrait work, keeping subjects more at ease and candid.
Conversely, from the article it sounds like e-shutters might be terrible for sports, but is it really? How fast do things need to be moving to cause noticeable distortion? (not rhetorical, I really would like to know)
E-shutters seem like they'd be great for shooting with a fast lens on a sunny day without having to stop down or use an ND filter to avoid blow-out. But, is it that simple?


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Biowizard: HEADLINE: Muppet packs fine optical gear in sh1tty unpadded bag. #FAIL


show me a 250 lb flight case that has a 0.5" 13mm diameter steel bar sticking out of it, and I will believe you actually thought this through

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Habe mir auch gedacht es wäre bei einem deutschsprachigen geschrieben, Lars. ;)

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One word:

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So much complexity... this is a nightmare for a manufacturer.

You outsource some stickers to China, and you can only expect to receive the very best!

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M Chambers: Unless he can show what packaging he used it's hard to know whom to blame. I have to wonder what the lens came in contact with that broke it.

I suspect the guy didn't put his $11,000 lens in the proper container, probably just a backpack.

guys, seriously!
I've dropped gear onto the ground, and never ended up with this kind of damage. have you?
this has clearly got nothing to do with the container.

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Biowizard: HEADLINE: Muppet packs fine optical gear in sh1tty unpadded bag. #FAIL


no way. even if that were the case, there is no way this sort of damage can occur. if you dropped your camera out of the bag onto cement, you wouldn't even get this kind of damage

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Tactical Falcon: Why would you take such expensive gear with you anyway?? You could use some less expensive gear, and save the great gear for less smashing events. Or just carry it on with you. Serious DUH!

a professional photographer does not leave his lenses at home, to go out on a job with toy lenses. DUH!

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This is no ordinary situation of a dropped camera case!

Such damage requires a bullet, or an iron rod jabbed into it, or target practice with a javelin. No drop, no item dropped onto luggage, can cause this. The force and concentrated impact required for this, no case could have sustained either.

There is a case to be made, about "risks that are to be reasonably expected" by any normal person. This type of damage is beyond that, beyond what any waiver might protect the airline from.

One airline is going to be sued for obvious neglect beyond what is a reasonable risk.
Of course, their insurance company will cover it. And that is probably why it is in the shop - the insurance company requires an estimate - and they will declare it a total loss and buy him new equipment.

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corndog: How is that even possible? Did the crew take turns hitting it with a baseball bat? Seriously, these things aren't THAT fragile. This looks malicious to me.

certainly malicious - it looks like they stabbed it with an iron rod

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On article Quick review: Nextbit Robin camera (45 comments in total)

I would have liked to see more on it's dynamic range, on a scale - in the bottom picture, there is some serious highlights clipping going on.
(and tiny sensors' weakness is usually more clipping in the shadows)

Link | Posted on Jul 30, 2017 at 23:44 UTC as 1st comment
On article Nokia 808 PureView Review (27 comments in total)

omg! how much do you guys get paid to glaze-over facts. going on about zoom, for a whole paragraph, going through immense efforts to avoid using the term "digital zoom" and "no optical zoom". It does not have _any_ zoom from what you are saying - it's just a crop. Why don't you just call a spade a spade, instead of beating around the bush?

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On article Nokia 808 PureView Review (27 comments in total)

in your image comparing sensor sizes, you write "four thirds" instead of mft or "micro four thirds".

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Perhaps, sometimes, some cops are weighing the trouble they may be in, for preventing you from filming, versus the trouble they (or their colleagues) may be in for other actions.

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Tristan Jones: Strange that "Windows photos" is more fluid "for me" than Lightroom for image review/browsing.

I get about 1/2 a sec browse lag on an image browser that comes free with my OS, which reads my D800|D610|D750 Raw files as well as my 3.9GB TIFF files.

Yet my paid-for "specialist" program judders through image previews in a way that would have you believe I'm working on a 20-year PC, not one of the best "single-core-performance" quad-core cpu's ever made (i7-4790k). So even taking single/multithreaded performance into account, this should not happen for me. And doesn't with other applications, just in Lightroom!

The simple fact is, the whole LR interface needs re-coding.
And that is before we take "using 4k screens" into consideration.
On a 4k screen, it judders, just opening or closing a tab in the develop module.
And once working on images, it slows down over time, even when you return to Library.

maybe we ought to revisit the roster of free software that is out there

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That's what you get, when you use high-level languages to speed up development and save on competent programmers: bloatware.

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To be quite frank, I don't want to drain my phone's battery on camera gear.
When I want something modular, I use something called a c.a.m.e.r.a.
Why would I want to hang a bunch of stuff on my phone anyways?
What do I do when I get a call? Tear it all off?
(if the battery isn't drained by then, that is)

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Curved sensors? Big deal! That is the easy part.

But who is willing to redesign all their lenses and put in the marketing dollars to convince everyone to reequip themselves?

That, is is no small matter.

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