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    Just chiming in real quick to say that until a plate ships, all bets are off. This plate is very much still actively being designed, so I don't think it's accurate to say that this question is ...
  • Replied in OM-1 L Bracket
    I don't want to speak out of turn, especially about something half-overheard a week ago. That's a good way to create false impressions. I'll leave it where I should have, that work is progressing, ...
  • Replied in OM-1 L Bracket
    Can't say for sure at this point, as the design is ongoing. I'm passing along the feedback, but I'm not sure what the design demands and constraints are. I understand that this one is going to be ...
  • Replied in OM-1 L Bracket
    RRS is making a bracket, I can confirm that. We don't have a specific timeframe for either the opening of pre-orders, or the delivery of the plate itself, but we have the camera now, and are ...
  • Kaye, If it were me, I'd go with BH-40-LR II.  Simpler, and it's google-able. Any one who looks into it will be able to use this manufacturer's SKU to pull up more info on it, if needed.
  • So, the drop notches are the two large rounded divets on the front of the ball head that the ballhead stem is able to 'drop' down into. These are oriented 90° from each other.  These are usually ...
  • This is probably too late to be helpful, but it's the BH-40 LR II, which includes the full-size clamp. This is also the older model, which included two drop notches instead of one.
  • The truth isn't too far from the above. We've always accepted backorders, though, so continuing to do so wasn't a pandemic move. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in production during 2020 ...
  • The previous version of the PG-02 has been discontinued, and we have sold through our stock. We don't have an announced date for it, but we have been working on, and are gearing up to release the ...
  • Replied in R3 L bracket
    We didn't test for this bracket specifically, and it's not often that a dedicated plate for one camera works for another (especially if they're not successive generations, that kind of thing). YMMV. ...
  • Hi Danny, I think our (RRS's) listing may have been updated with photos since your post, but there are photos now. There is a strap boss, right next to the QD socket. (The QD socket is meant for a ...
  • We have confirmed that the A7iv doesn't fit our A1 plate or the plate it replaced, the BA7RIV.
  • We haven't received the A7 IV body in-house yet for testing, so RRS isn't ready to confirm compatibility yet. Hopefully we'll have word soon, one way or the other. Maybe towards the end of next week.
  • Hi there, RRS CS staff here. Definitely no games being played, I can promise that. The supply chain situation is real, and its implications are not fun. I'd like to apologize to anyone who's had ...
  • This is normal, and it will loosen up after a little use.
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