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Ross the Fidller: You reached out!? Common, that is such an overused meaningless phrase.

OK, so you you communicated with them & they didn't tell you where to go but gave you a vague teaser.

Anyhow, it's about time! Better late than never (or really, better never late). I hope they come up with a worthwhile system because if they don't there's enough out there already without them.

Rather than "reach out" I normally just "ask" I find it far less irritating!

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On article Adobe achieves record revenue (176 comments in total)

Perhaps now they've made all that money they could thank us all by writing some efficient code for a change!

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Jylppy: It's good news for Oly there is such amount of enthusiasm for an expensive 50mm/2.4f prime.

Oh dear, there's always more to image quality than the numbers Mr Troll.

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AndyC105: Raw power output is only half the story - just as important is how fast the flash recycles. I'll be interested in some comparisons with manufacturers units once people are using them.

Thanks for the info, looks good!

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Raw power output is only half the story - just as important is how fast the flash recycles. I'll be interested in some comparisons with manufacturers units once people are using them.

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Michael Ma: Adobe is never going to change it back. Don't waste your time people.

Actually, I take that back. You are probably keeping them from raising prices.

Fight on! Don't give up! Tell them again how you're never going to upgrade CS6!

Absolutely right! Can I afford Adobe Cloud? Yes! Am I prepared to rent software? No! Love Lightroom so much I bought and own it. Photoshop too. Own Photoshop but now use Pixelmator as well and look forward to other competitors coming to the market place.

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williams359: I don't mind paying monthly, I'm fine with it. But the price. I have upgraded photoshop each time at a cost of £150 - £199 but now they want £17.58 a month. We used to upgrade every 18 months so now the cost is up to £316. THATS MORE THAN DOUBLE THE PRICE. This has to have been the most obvious question of all to ask them.

Absolutely right! weasel word pr spin all the way. A price cut in Lightroom alongside a general price reduction amongst it's rivals while the product Adobe thinks it has a monopoly in, CS6, virtually doubles in price. I'll never trust Adobe after this and will hope Apple, Pixelmator, DXO, Capture One now all rise to the open goal Adobe have presented the industry with.

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photo_rb: The worst thing for most users is not the subscription model but that it is essentially a price increase..this happening when most other software is coming down in price.

Well said. As a long time Photoshop licence holder the cost of upgrading has effectively doubled while I lose ownership. This is very, very bad news. I really hope Apple, Pixelmator etc seize the opportunity this presents and bring out better versions asap so I can leave Adobe's products once an for all.

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My local store has some good knowledgeable and helpful staff, with stock levels better than for many years. I suspect the problem for the company is the rise of the camera phone and the cost of high street shops together with online and supermarket competition.

As photographers we see the picture taking process very differently from people who are happy to take photos with any device they have to hand and then post to Facebook etc. It's not about absolute or even good quality for most consumers, simply convenience and phones can do that and video too. This has led to a loss of sales volume that Jessops, Jacobs etc can't cope with, together with a huge drop in consumables such as film, prints, paper etc. This is why selling camera insurance became so important to Jessops - probably more profitable than selling the camera!

I also think the government is going to have to get Amazon & co to pay fair levels of tax here to level the playing field or the highstreet rot will continue.

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R N: I'm reasonably OK with new functionality waiting for new release. None of the new stuff pertains to my workflow anyway.

Definitely NOT OK with ACR updates being pushed out to the next major release. Support for new cameras for the standalone version of PS CS6 should continue to be updated while that version is the latest standalone version.

ACR support is where I draw the line and start thinking: can I get by with LR alone? Emergency cloning I can do in PSE, or a legacy version of PS (which will still work since I bought a standalone!)

Two main reasons I have not joined the cloud: 1) I want software that will still work even if my monthly cash flow craters. In this economy, it is a scenario to consider. 2) I think that the prices will escalate for the monthly subscription. How much? To me it is a significant risk.

I think you'll find Adobe stated they would move to a two year cycle with a point release every year.

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As a long time license owner of Photoshop here's how I see it. Buying the physical upgrade costs around £200, monthly subscription pretty much doubles that given that Adobe are moving to new versions every two years.

I've also read reports that Adobe customer agents are now telling people that the next version of Photoshop will be subscription only. This model may well be attractive for new users, but gouges existing owners - a 100% price increase? As soon as there's a viable alternative sad to say I'm off. In the meantime I'll look closer at Pixelmator and others. Adobe can do whatever they want with pricing and I'm free to spend my money however I want too. Shame on you, Adobe.

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I just really hope a genuine alternative to Photoshop becomes available that will run the plugins I use. If that happens I'll jump immediately so I'm no longer ripped off by Adobe.

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