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DavidNJ100: This isn't that inexpensive. Why would you buy it over a Nikon D750 or A7ii unless it was a matter of existing investment in lenses, flashes, and accessories?

vFunct .You mean it is not in the class of cameras which make extraordinary losses to a company.

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dpfan32: looks much better than samples of the new 77D or 800D M6 etc.
But here they used premium prime lenses though...

DPR would couple the Nikon with high end primes and the canons with18-55 kit .
Gotta keep the sinking boat afloat :—)

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On article Updated: Sony a9 samples with Raw support (446 comments in total)
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Arastoo Vaziri: Sony loves cyans.

@underexposed . Nikon loves your trolling

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Zoron: D900 your move

No it won't move.It's legs ( read : sensor) hadn't been given to Nikon by Sony

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jango: Who is number 1?


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Who got the 1st position ?
Dpr ain't gonna tell that.

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On article Nikon announces midrange D7500 DSLR (395 comments in total)

What's the crop on 4k?

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SETI: Very bad IQ. Even m43 looks much better

Seti - Your IQ is too less to understand these images.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel T7i / EOS 800D Sample Gallery (110 comments in total)
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phoenix15: Canon has the best color out of camera.

Thematic- Yes your comment is debatable.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS Rebel T7i / EOS 800D (69 comments in total)

Annihilates the d5600 in almost every way except sharpness(imo)

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LMOE: Welcome to 2011, Canon!!! This is the Nikon V1 disaster all over again. Monkey see, monkey do.

By 'monkey' you refer to yourself right?

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Tom Ames: Could've been taken with an Iphone

But then the gunman would 've placed his gun on the photographer's forehead and said," Gimme the goddamm phone"

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gorllu: Can someone tell me, where to move and live and work as architectural photographer so I can easily afford this lens? Because in middle europe I would have to work quite alot to justify benefits of this lens considering price. It is better to me, to switch to canon, but I need DR of D800, so i can't switch. :/

Ever heard about the DR of 5d mk iv

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snapa: I think it is good timing that will take many sales away from the Canon EOS M5 since Canon 'Could have' taken some market shares from Sony's MILC cameras. The a6500 is smaller/lighter and comes with better AF, video, FPS, et... and most importantly IQ. All that R&D and cost it took to develop the EOS M5 has simply gone to waste, what a shame for Canon. The do make very good, heavy, large, expensive DSLR though ;)

Hey snapa try to look at the price difference between the M5 and A6500 and stop being glued to dxo. Try to take some real photos!!

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vesa1tahti: Nikon is on the top, again. Congratulations!

On top of his head

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elgol20: blow the new 105 away? maybe use ability to logic and check this:

looking at f/4 compared to f/1.4 in the corners, this assertion is illogical: the nikon is superb! so how can another lens blow the nikon away?

" so how can another lens blow the nikon away?"
Canon L, Otus, Batis, G master etc. can

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Vanitas Photo: Can't we be happy that Sony shooters have a great camera to do what they love?

I mean I'm a Canon shooter and the fact that Sony is putting so much effort to please their costumers means, the rest of us shooters from other brands, we will get more innovation for us in the future.

I really am laughing out loud from all this "mine is bigger" comments here... Shoot with the camera of your choice and enjoy it and let the others who have other choices shoot and enjoy their cameras.

Photography isn't about brands, is about photos.

Well said

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Canon and Nikon fanboys, any word on this baby???

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angus rocks: my new iPhone7 can do that. i don't see why i'd pay that much for a camera that can't make a phone call.
he he he.

Have fun shooting with it at 4 million iso

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On article Canon announces the XC15 4K video camera (155 comments in total)
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justmeMN: The Canon XC15 is way better than any of Nikon's video cameras. :-)

I thought they didn't have any

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