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Thom Hogan's comments on SD Q and SD H line Sigma Camera Talk Mar 27, 2016
Definitive Confirmation. GR Is Discontinued Ricoh Talk Jan 29, 2015
Working EVF for all cams from Sigma DP Series Sigma Camera Talk Jan 16, 2015
Quattro price contest Sigma Camera Talk Nov 28, 2014
Help me choose: Ricoh GR Digital or Ricoh GRD II Ricoh Talk Aug 12, 2014
Question for owners/users of both 645D & D800/E + Nikon AF-S 2.8 Telephoto lenses Pentax SLR Talk Jul 23, 2014
Sigma Merrill USB charge Sigma Camera Talk Jul 19, 2014
dp2Q's price is unveiled at Yodobashi in Japan. Also SPP6 screenshot from SIGMA Sigma Camera Talk Jun 14, 2014
Dp2 Quattro official sample is out Sigma Camera Talk Jun 12, 2014
News shared from sigma-rumors on DP2Q Sigma Camera Talk May 25, 2014
GXR limited end-of-run UK deals £119 Ricoh Talk May 21, 2014
Three M's for Merrill. Sigma Camera Talk May 16, 2014
Medium format petition? Sigma Camera Talk May 11, 2014
6 more weeks until Quattro... Sigma Camera Talk May 10, 2014
Leica T system a great template for a MILC from Sigma. Sigma Camera Talk Apr 25, 2014
Pentax 645Z all images leaked Pentax SLR Talk Apr 14, 2014
Coolpix A or Ricoh GR Ricoh Talk Mar 31, 2014
Petition to Sigma to make Foveon m43 Sigma Camera Talk Mar 29, 2014
Sigma DP2 Merrill - Japan model Sigma Camera Talk Mar 20, 2014
printer for a digital contact sheet? Printers and Printing Mar 17, 2014
Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series? Sigma Camera Talk Mar 13, 2014
Viewfinder advanatges and recomendations for a DP1M Sigma Camera Talk Mar 5, 2014
Are current Pentax * and limited series lens up to date compared to newer Fuji, Sony, and Sigma? Pentax SLR Talk Mar 3, 2014
if Sigma could pull this off I think they knock it out of the park...... Sigma Camera Talk Feb 22, 2014
Maia (Pentax 645D) Pentax SLR Talk Feb 16, 2014
NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigma Camera Talk Feb 11, 2014
Which GR? Ricoh Talk Feb 9, 2014
CP+ : Confirmation: Pentax has lost the plot. Pentax SLR Talk Feb 9, 2014
Very low prices for DPxM series Sigma Camera Talk Feb 8, 2014
Sigma going Micro 4/3 in 2014? Sigma Camera Talk Nov 25, 2013
Anyone own both Sigma DP1M and Ricoh GR? Ricoh Talk Nov 18, 2013
Merrill Price Drop in US Soon? Sigma Camera Talk Nov 14, 2013
SD2M, when? Sigma Camera Talk Aug 27, 2013
GRD 4 el-cheapo Ricoh Talk Aug 21, 2013
Overthrow the system with Sigma? Sigma Camera Talk Aug 2, 2013
Adobe now supports Pentax Ricoh GR, seeks user input. Ricoh Talk May 18, 2013
Is the GRD IV still a viable choice? Ricoh Talk May 12, 2013
GR preordered. can anyone reccomend a viewfinder Ricoh Talk May 4, 2013
GRD 4 Europe deal Ricoh Talk May 1, 2013
GRD IV next for the chop ? Ricoh Talk May 1, 2013
So - whats your take on DP3 M ? Sigma Camera Talk Jan 13, 2013
The Beauty has arrived Sigma Camera Talk Jan 4, 2013
Merril-cameras: More detail in web-sized images? Sigma Camera Talk Nov 27, 2012
I Can't Ask More.... Sigma Camera Talk Nov 11, 2012
OVF Sigma Camera Talk Nov 6, 2012
Just ordered the new DP-2 Merrill, my 6th Sigma camera! Sigma Camera Talk Nov 4, 2012
On Viewfinders Sigma Camera Talk Oct 24, 2012
Sigma Software Sigma Camera Talk Oct 15, 2012