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I have the original Ricoh Theta, It was pretty cool at the time, but the resolution was very average. Would anyone know if this would have better image quality?

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I'd like to see a cap with a dash cam system attached to it. Records in a loop until g-force sensor or something like a button triggers stop/start. 99% of the time it would just delete, but that 1 time when random car hits you while walking or someone punches you in the face, it would record it. Just a not too serious thought.

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Random Asian Guy: Does the A6500 have the same write to card speed limit as A6300 of around 32mb/s?

Thanks Vadims, but I was thinking more of clearing buffer for stills. Just curious was it any faster.

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pxchoi: I wonder if people would buy an RX100 with an 18-50 (FOV) lens like the Nikon DL. That's the only reason why I'm anxiously waiting for the DL but if Sony introduced one, I would surely go their direction.

I would, I'm still trying to decide if I want to get the DL-1850 for holiday photos, where wide is more important than tele. I just hope if Sony does make a competitor for that camera, they include a built in flash.

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Does the A6500 have the same write to card speed limit as A6300 of around 32mb/s?

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Pretty cool, I actually used a gopro suction cup with tripod mount and stuck the camera to the window for my attempts.

Got the air hostess a little worried until I showed her what I was trying to do with the camera.

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Biowizard: There was a time when a camera simply measured the actual light coming in through the entirely passive lens, adjusted for the reported aperture setting (trasmitted via a mechanical lever), and made the perfect exposure on a fixed-ISO sensor (called film).

Frankly, the idea that a LENS needs firmware is appalling. So many lines of computer code trying to compensate for manufacturing shortcuts which, once upon a time, were sorted by decent design, gear reductions and the pitch of helical-cut metal.


I also don't find it appalling either, Why would any improvement to a lens be bad? If we don't have the technology to make better designed lens, coating, etc, why would they not make a lens better there they can? Or would you prefer no new lenses get created until there is a new break through with design? Next thing you will say, OIS is cheating.

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VENTURE-STAR: This seems like a totally lopsided review when there are no cameras being produced in the same price band from alternative manufacturers. The RX10 III certainly should be top dog for the price, but if the cheaper models mentioned are close in performance, then it's fair to conclude that the Sony is ridiculously overpriced. Please don't treat your readers as complete plebs Mr Spencer.

I actually disagree with this. Sure there is nothing in the RX10 III's price bracket but of course if should be compared to it's peers in the same category. The comparison will find out if it's worth the extra money.

And in many's view it isn't.

I mean what are the other options, don't review it? or don't have any comparisons?

In the situation with cars, why wouldn't you compare a 3.8 litre turbo Porsche vs a 3.8 litre turbo Nissan even if the price range is different.

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PenPix: From Olympus' website:
"The concept for the μ[mju:] (Stylus) Series called for a compact, lightweight caseless camera with an attractive and stylish design."

I'm okay with "Tough"... but Stylus??!!

If a version comes out later with just a wide angle lens, I would be interested in it. Ultra wide is too specialized to make this camera useful in a lot of situations.

But I think you can have it not as wide by putting on the image stabilization.


Here is the extract:
Angle of View – Wide 204° (161° with IS on)
Angle of View – Underwater Mode (Narrow) Above water: 156° (126° with IS on)
Underwater: 94° (84° with IS on)

You might be able to set it to 84 degrees and just change the white balance.

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Ilvez: Lets make it clear that "peers" are D5 and DxII, rest of the lineup would simply fall apart in the dimly lit sports event, or in rough counditions.

Even though the Nikon and Sony have been praised for their advances in the sensor area, then Canon must be doing something right when large part of the professionals in demanding conditions are shooting with it. That is all I need to know for now.

As today the professionals market also demands good video capabilities, including the ability to use autofocus, then D5 has a lot of work to do.

I mostly agree with you, while I'm no pro I think this line
'then Canon must be doing something right when large part of the professionals in demanding conditions are shooting with it.'

could be written as

'then Canon must of done something right when large part of the professionals in demanding conditions are shooting with it.'

As in past tense. I think many professional already have the lenses they need and are sticking with them as there isn't a reason to change systems.

But with this attitude when others come up with better lenses or new generation of pros come into play that isn't invested in Canon lenses. Canon might get into a problem if it continues on it's path.

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(unknown member): DPReview - I think you need to address the autofocus test. I know in a comment down below it was said you are working on a standardized test. It is needed.

For fun I compared the cyclist being AF'd on with the 80D vs A6300 and they are two COMPLETELY differently executed tests!

- Much more contrast in area of riders face in A6300 scenario
- Cyclist was zig zagging in A6300 scenario but riding directly to camera in 80D (I think we can all predict which test is 'easier' without needing to even take the camera out of the bag)
- The DOF seems significantly shallower in the 80D scenario - everything is blurred out (even in the few that got the focus right) but in the A6300 everything is in focus.
- In the 80d scenario it appears that the rider covers more distance in a shorter amount of time than the A6300 scenario. The zig zagging rider will account for a lot of that but even that notwithstanding, in the 80D's scenario it was a much faster moving target the camera had to hit

wri7913: Have you ever thought that DPR are just doing their job and Canon is just falling behind?

Also haven't seen too many bad things mentioned about Fiji other than Autofocus.

This is coming from a Sony and Canon user.

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Does that mean Google will get access to scenes from blockbuster movies before release?

Another point where movies can be leaked?

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alcaher: NASA sucks, they always waste alot of money and resources. Take all that money for better things to do here in our the planet.

Hmm, and what would you suggest they do with the money. Space exploration and understanding the universe is key to the survival of the Human race.

The human population is going to just keep growing and growing and use more and more resource and no matter how green we live, we will reach a limit where the planet can't handle, 20 billion? 30 Billion?40 Billion? Unless you dictate who can breed and who can't. It's not going to solve this problem. I wrote this ages ago.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime; When there are too many fisherman, find a new pond.

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villagranvicent: What we all want is a magic firmware who could make the batteries last more than 50 shots.

I'm guessing this is a troll attempt. I have used both original and knock offs in below freezing temps and never got less than 50. I guess he could mean 50 bulb setting shots. or 50 shots leaving the camera on for many hours without switching off.

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On article Seriously sharp: Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM samples (250 comments in total)
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RidgeRunner22: Ha! for some reason I got a real kick out of this one. Looks like s lovely lens! Wish they would make one equally sharp a few stops slower, and way smaller. When do you use an 85 at 1.4? sounds hard to deal with, from a DOF stand point.

I'd use it for Indoor Sports.

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Hi, is it possible to comment on the auto focus speed with the A7Rii? It should give some example of how it will go paired with the A6300.

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Random Asian Guy: I wonder how slow can it go. Might be good for some time lapse stuff.

Tomaz, yep, I've seen those before, they are basically just a kitchen timer that goes too fast for a slow time lapse.

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On article Polaroid launches Eyeball panoramic tripod head (19 comments in total)

I wonder how slow can it go. Might be good for some time lapse stuff.

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Horshack: They're redefining what a pocket camera is, as in not being able to actually fit into your pocket :) They look even bigger than the dimensions would indicate, esp the protruding lens stub on the 18-50mm.

I say everyone should wear Cargo pants/shorts they are awesome :)

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL compacts (310 comments in total)

I think picture 7 has typo:

The DL18-50 will cost $649 and the wider DL18-50 will set you back $849.

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