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GarageBoy: Not everyone cares about paper thin DOF. I'm just glad to watch MFT turn into a real, system with a complete line of lenses

@yabokkie, just so I'm clear-- if you were setting up a 1/350 sec shot at f1.2 on a FF camera at iso 100, you're saying on a m4/3 camera at iso 100 I should be shooting 1/350 sec at f2.4? And on a medium format camera shooting iso 100 slide film, it would be 1/350 sec at f 0.95 or less?

f1.2 is f1.2 is f1.2. It's a ratio. And everybody talking about multipliers confuses newer photos about how exposure works.

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Chekr: After being out shooting tonight, I would love a very subtle backlight on function keys, as it stands i have to use the flashlight on my phone to work out which keys to press. I am sure more regular shooter have memorised where everything is :)

The control buttons on my E-620 from four years ago are backlight like this. Incredibly useful at night. Oly, why did you abandon us regular 4/3rds shooters?

(Yes, I know they still sell a gargantuan E-5 with an ancient sensor for $1500. I think that still counts as abandonment)

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