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snapa: Again, a lens review without a Lens MTF Chart included is pretty much worthless, (IMO) as I have asked for in the past. Thanks anyway, nice review. :/

BTW, does DPR have the resourses to include or produce an MTF chart, even if one does not exist? If not, I can't imagine a program like that would cost that much. js

Ok so you think reviews without MTF charts are worthless. Interesting opinion. Next

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Good god almighty some of you just can't help but suck the fun out of absolutely everything

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Why all these focal lengths. And some of the are duplicated.?

An amazing concept called customer choice.

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Could someone kindly explain why FF snobs are in these comments explaining that this is "just" a 50mm 1.4?

So what's your point?

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stevevelvia50: After reading many of the comments below, here is a related article worth reading.

Wonderful contribution @mepaca

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JakeB: I don't see any compelling reason to switch from the wonderful rendering of my Fujinon 35mm f1.4.

It's a different class of lens at a very different pricepoint. I don't think Tokina are attempting to attract current owners of the Fuji equivalent...

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23 fotos: Shooting a roll of BW film and then reviewing by digitising via a Nikon DSLR is the most ridiculous thing Ive heard all year and DPReview should be absolutely ashamed of itself and someone should get a jolly good telling off (or possibly the sack). At the very least the negs should have been scanned (using a quality scanner). The sample images look awful.. probably an indication of the lack of knowledge when it comes too shooting real film.

Goodness gracious what a ridiculous comment. Quarantine is really doing a number on some of you...

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aldissimo90: I must say that I share the opinion of the other people who say that this article is a huge YAWN. It's a camera that should be praised and that made incredible upgrades over the previous models and everything tha author can say in this wordy article is it does have the autofocus speed he is looking for? YAWNN N. If you need top notch autofocus you won't certainly look at this camera which actually delivers an incredible pack of features, as your own website described in another article.

"Should be praised" =/= completely infallible

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All you whingers know it isn't compulsory to read every article on the site, right?

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marcio_napoli: I don't expect to get friendly support on my post, and I have nothing to do with street photography, my field is fashion, I have next to none experience in street photography.

That out of the way, I'm increasingly pi$$ed off how sensitive this world is becoming.

Everything is PC. This is F-ing tiresome.

Is there anything left you can do in this world that won't harm the extreme sensitivity of sensitive people?

Let the man shoot.

He's at least man enough to shoot everyone in their faces, therefore letting everyone know what he did.

He's not behind a long lens on the far end of the street, shooting everyone from their backs.

To the sensitive PC world: time to grow some b@lls again. Not everything is meant to be taken as offense.

You're really trying too hard to make this some sort of boomer 'anti-PC, people these days' thing.

There's nothing wrong with street photography. There absolutely IS something wrong with suddenly jumping in front of people simply going about their business.

People aren't being 'overly sensitive'. They're just expecting basic common courtesy.

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Newbie4Life: Zero pictures with the kit lens?

Given the core market of this lens (first timers with their first prime) it's amazing so much of the dpreview coverage "misses the mark" with no info answering the basic question:

Is it better than the kit?

What? The "mark" in this write-up is clearly how it compares to the XF equivalent.

The side by sides of the exact same image answer that question comprehensively.

I'm actually kind of astonished at this complaint.

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BKLorenzo: Ergo of fuji cameras is worst than sony’s ones

Eh, that's a hard disagree from me. The dial setup and aperture rings on the X-Txx series and up and xf lenses are much more enjoyable than the a6xxx series.

I find it strange that the entry level Fuji's eschew that design but I certainly don't see them handling any worse than the Sony's.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III (318 comments in total)

So are you Sony fanboys the same PlayStation nuts that create these sort of toxic discussions on gaming forums or is that another faction?

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Fixing the single biggest faults in both the X-T3 (autofocus that lagged behind competitors) and X-T30 (the poor ergonomics of the Q button) seems like a decent upgrade to me.

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This is a great write-up. A lens I'll never own but the explanations of how its attributes helped create each of the shots in the article were super informative and useful.

Good stuff.

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Benjamin Jehne: I’m not surprised that he choose the Canon. I choose this camera, because it’s just good. Everything is written, so I can just say, it feels right and the images look great. It’s different to the RX100 family. I put some of my images in a little album https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pf7PAvAZBx5zarhu7 .

It’s not that sharp as our RX100VI, but if I stop down to the apertures of the Sony, it’s more or less the same.

Some awesome shots in there.

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The source of debate regarding the price of this - and other - MFT cameras is that whilst they certainly pack in the 'features' to justify additional cost (IBIS, weather sealing, hi-res shot), there doesn't appear to be any equivalent 'discount' applied for the fact that those features are built around a smaller, somewhat less capable sensor.

There is no way to put an objective $ value on every feature of a camera, and I won't claim to know the difference in manufacturing cost of say a 26MP APS-C sensor and a 20MP MFT sensor, but it's clear that many people don't think those additional features justify the difference in sensor.

And this equation will be different for every consumer. For example, if I compare the EM5 mkIII to the X-T30, my gut feel is that they should cost approximately the same when I weigh up the value of the Olympus' extra features against the Fuji's sensor performance. Some would pay more for one, some more for the other, depending on use case.

Great camera tho

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On article Gear of the Year 2019 - Allison's choice: iPhone 11 (123 comments in total)

What a horrible double gut punch to wake up to

First, the utter denigration of the art of photography itself, and second, the instant invalidation of all of MY life choices as an Android user.

All thanks to a single article on this website. Shame on you Allison and the rest of the staff who allowed this to happen.

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On article Gear of the Year 2019 - Carey's choice: Sigma 45mm F2.8 (174 comments in total)

I for one am glad to see an article which leans more towards the editorial/opinion every now and again. We get plenty of "objective" and technical pieces throughout the year. Nice write up.

It's christmas time, some of you really need to lighten up.

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It's disappointing that we got an in-depth X-Pro3 review the week it was announced yet still don't have one for the Z50

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