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I want to get a new lens for my Bush Pressman (4x5, film, built in chicago ca. 1950) -
the one I am using is off a Polaroid 110A I bought at a yard sale (it's a 127mm wide-


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fenceSitter: LMAO. Kudos to Mr Stock and his chuzpah to scam Bentley's corporate bigwigs with the most preposterous bullsh!t I've heard in a long time: "To capture the giga-pixel image we used multiple robotic heads based on the NASA technology developed for photographing the surface of Mars."

Oh dear. That's a mouthful for an ordinary Gigapan Epic Pro, owned by everyone and his dog.

Check with your dog.

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I have used this lens and love it, but I'm sorry, the photos in this article reflect rather poorly on the photographer. The composition, color and exposure of all of them are not very good

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Your statement about Anthony Karen, that he "has gone on to photograph white supremacist groups, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church and the Ku Klux Klan." implies that Westboro Baptist Church is a whie supremacist group akin to the KKK, which is not true. Fred Phelps, for all his vitriol against homosexuals, does not profess the superiority of the white "race", but rather the opposite. He was active in the civil rights movement at a time when few other attorneys were (yes, he is an attorney). He took cases others wouldn't. He and his followers argue that race is inconsequential to standing in law. Read the article linked below.


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It's always great to have an excuse for our failures.

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LiSkynden: "support for Windows XP has been dropped" thats that for me then. Stupid Adobe, i bet there are still million people who use XP.
My wife works at school and all the school's computers have XP ... what does that tell you Adobe?

... i wonder if it still installs tho. :/

"...it isn't critical for what we do." Exactly. To run my large format printer RIP, I use Windows XP and Onyx Poster Shop. For email, accounting and calendar and basic photoshop work, I use a G5 with Mac OS10.4. For downloading, sorting and editing 2000 or so images after an assignment, I use the latest and the greatest.
Task appropriate tools are one of the keys to smooth workflow and high quality product. LR just got a heck of a lot better, and if that requires a new computer, then that's the price of quality.

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