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  • Hi, is it too heavy? I mean, can you put in a tripod, without having to be closeby so it won't fall? Thanks
  • Replied in NX1 vs X-T2
    yeahh, let's just ignore the troll... PS: I have the Samsung t10. Does it counts? PS2: I usualy don't take photos. Anyway, I don't think the net is the right place to show them... PS3: I feel a ...
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    hmmm...no! Well, if you lend me some money I might ;)
  • Created discussion thread NX1 vs X-T2
    Still the best camera. Other brands should be ashamed :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8yLUSVZ8ak
  • dash2k8, are talking also about the 4K video, delivered by the Sony A6300, wich costs about 800$? Or the 4K video on the old Lumix G7, wich cost about 400$? Canon is stuck in the past, with its old...

  • One thing for sure, the new Canon 800D doesn't beat the NX1 :). LOL
  • @dash2k8. Most cheap camcorders record 4K, nowadays. But, maybe you think that this camera, isn't for pros but any new smartphone, or any new cheap camcorder is, right? I didn't know my 12 years...

  • UAU!!! FULL HD. Canon continue to push the envelope, but backwards ;)

  • That's it mister!!! You went to far. Consider yourself officially also on the dreadful Kisaha "Ignoring List". Do you know what this means for your career, here in this forum? ;) Only kisaha can ...
  • No Jorginho, I'm not incognito here. My name is really Flip, my surname is Flop, and my IQ is 21. So my name is Flip Flop, and my IQ is 21, which, by the way, for a troll, is really quite ...
  • Jorginho, if you continue to follow this path, you will never be out of the Kisaha's ignoring list ;)
  • Hi Kisaha :) Good to hear from you again... my troika pal ;) Can you please remove me from your "ignore" list? I promise to behave... lol
  • Jorginho, you can't say the GH5 isn't a let down. The AF is really bad, and the low light performance not that great comparing to the new Sony A6500. Is way too expensive for a micro 4/3 camera. ...
  • No VisualFX :). I'm satisfied with what I got. But I know that eventually I wanna go 4K. I still shoot in 1080p. I think there will be a great difference to shoot 4K at 60p, like it was to shoot ...
  • Yes, You sum it all. Most people don't see the difference, that's the truth. As long as their smartphone shoots 4k, the rest they don't understand :(
  • OK, but when 4K video, at 60p become a reality, what are the alternatives, now that Samsung is gone? By the way, there should be a brand that releases a camera body, compatible with Samsung NX ...
  • That's what I've been telling you guys about. The only brands that is pushing the envelope is Sony. The GH5 is a let down :( I'm just waiting for an APSc camera that shoots 4K at 60p in video, at a ...
  • Commented on article Sony a9 first look videos

    All Panasonic cameras has flip-out screens... look here on the against part:
    "Prohibitively expensive
    Still no fully articulating screen"


    I shoot video, I...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 first look videos

    Tommi K1 a selfie fully articulated screen is handy. Sony cameras lack this feature, while other brands don't. For me Sony is just beging adamant... every review says that the absence of a fully...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 first look videos

    So what is a vlogging camera? The 15.000€ Sony FS7 II? It has a selfie 180º articulated LCD...

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