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  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it depends if you prefer worst and more expensive, and you want the Canon logo on the cover ;)

  • the problem is that some people prefer worst and more expensive, as long as it has their favorite brand on the cover of the camera. I'm talking about Canon users. They prefer to pay more for less,...

  • @Edmond Leung and your reply to Dr BlackJack show that you are rude. Calling someone stupid?!?!?!?!. You are like some Canon fan boys that buy Canon just for status... I'm "poor" so I choose cheap...

  • It was nonsense if we reviewed smart phones based only on their original feature "do they make good phone calls?" Yes. Ok, 100% in score then... I'm tiered of this... If reviewers don't demand...

  • Canon?!?!? Don't make me laugh... Since 2010, a still camera is much more than just a simple object to take pictures. Canon introduce full-hd video on the Canon 5d. Since then still cameras are...

  • Now you only have to make your NX1 shoot video at 25600 ISO, and you are ready to go ;)
  • Good choice. Is the best camera and also the cheappest... :)
  • Commented on article Canon EOS M6 Review

    no comprendo ;) There is a segment. Not all people have smart phones. I don't have one. But I know that who lokes SmartPhones, wants the best. If you compare the expensive models all them have...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS M6 Review

    Unfortunately there are people that loves to pay more for much, much less. For me these people are nuts. They buy any crap that says Canon on the cover. That is why Canon don't change their...

  • Hi, I will probably will be using the NX500 for quite some time, so I need to record audio with an external source. I'm looking for a cheaper version of the Zoom H1 mic, with audio input level, ...
  • Replied in NO!!!!
    Oh, well... that's the problem of having a camera from a brand that don't support it anymore :(
  • For sure... I'm really getting tiered and bored of not seeing anything exciting at a reasonable price of the NX1, when it was first released. The GH5 is worst than the NX1, and the AF is really bad ...
  • Replied in NO!!!!
    Ups! I didn't know that. Anyway, you can connect the camera to the USB, so you can see what is in the SD card. So it can be charged, or operate, under USB, right? I'm sure this works. And then, ...
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    hmm... try both... on and off.
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    Bu!!!!! :) I'm not an english native speaker man. For me issue is a problem... I had the same problem with an nx30, and then I read it here that if you connect the camera to the USB it started ...
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    What? Ignore Flip21? How dare you say something like that.? Bad boy!!! ;) I own the Samsung NX2, the Nx600, plus the NX50, all prototype models, that were made, but that aren't available to anyone, ...
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    No!!!! Connect it to the USB of a computer, and let it stay there for sometime. It will then recharge normally ... This is a common issue with all NX cameras Hope this help :)
  • Thanks for replying ttbek :) The only thing is that, is to use with the NX500. The tripod is decent, I guess...
  • Hi, is it too heavy? I mean, can you put in a tripod, without having to be closeby so it won't fall? Thanks
  • Replied in NX1 vs X-T2
    yeahh, let's just ignore the troll... PS: I have the Samsung t10. Does it counts? PS2: I usualy don't take photos. Anyway, I don't think the net is the right place to show them... PS3: I feel a ...
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