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  • Since you want a FF lens but your budget is $500, perhaps consider a mid-range prime rather than a zoom? For example, the Canon 35mm f/2.0 would have a FOV similar to a 50mm on your 7d2 and would ...
  • How old are your grandchildren? If they are soon to be playing on a full-size field (usually starts at 12 years old) then you'll likely find a 300mm lens on a full frame camera doesn't give you ...
  • Well, then they saved your $2000! That's not a bad thing. I'm sure you are already taking terrific photos with your 6D.
  • Anecdote for anecdote. I'm a 6D owner and have no desire for the configuration mentioned.
  • It doesn't seem worse than asserting that Canon must release something between the 6D2 and 5D4 because 'we customers need' it. Really only a small percentage of the market apparently wants that.
  • You probably wouldn't. But why would you want to upgrade if your current equipment isn't limiting what you can do? I view this as Canon saving me a significant amount of money. Thanks, Canon!
  • I'd say this post holds up rather well: I'd suggest that they make it a 25-30MP full-frame version of the 80D and call it a day. Adding the extra AF ...
  • I don't own the 70-300L but from what I've read the image quality is on par with the  100-400mmII (which I do own and is great). You do give up the extra reach, of course.
  • This may have been suggested before and you've  already rejected(sorry if that's the case) but you may want to consider a refurbished 70-300L from the Canon store. They list for $1079.00 but Canon ...
  • The end of those roads is a wonderful destination, though. Don't take too many steps down one of them or you won't be able to turn back.
  • You're gaining three stops of speed (8x the light) by making this move. If indoor tennis is something important to you then I'd say it's clearly worthwhile. You'll be able to increase shutter ...
  • If you're going to be shooting during the day then the 7D will still be fine for you. You would notice the difference versus a more modern sensor if you're going to be shooting action photos under ...
  • Replied in 6D WiFi
    Reviving an old thread. Has anyone found a way to download video files shot with 6D directly to an iOS device? The Canon Connect app says that saving video files is not supported. Is there another ...
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