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Glamour by Jim: I bought the media drive as soon as it was available. When I travel I shoot a different card every day, and at the end of the day I want to back up that card.

The media drive does this great for me. I am very pleased and would recommend it highly. There is an app for Apple table that will allow image editing.

Has anyone ever lost a disk, or been unable to download (at home) important shots taken on a trip. I have, and it not fun.

we all do this, its called a laptop.

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On article Sigma fixes Nikon D5300 lens compatibility issues (38 comments in total)

I wonder why this issue didnt affect tamron or tokina, or any other 3rd party?

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RStyga: Very impressive shot but I feel that it has been heavily post-processed; half-photo half-graphics. I was there 1-2 months ago and this barely resembles it.

What a dumb statement

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MASTERPPA: Does it have to be attached to work since its WIFI? I can so imagine one person holding the "camera part" and another person with the phone. I think if the price is right, this is a cool idea..

it wont need to be attached. i think they are just pairing it, after that you have the wifi distance.

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I think separating the lens from the body is genius. I think this will do well.

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88SAL: Based on the comments, this thread is obviously in the wrong place to be truely appreciated. This creation is breath taking and is very much what photography is about. Big pictures with real emotions. So many people here are too wrapped up with what the latest digital technology has to offer.

I have my 600mm Apo-Ronar sitting on my table here, waiting to find a use for it. I should make something like this.

Not to mention the only shot thats looks like a real emotion is the dude with no shirt holding the girl. all the others looks so fake and posed. like modern people pretending to be "period" subjects. boring imo.

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