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pedromeyer: you don't purchase a Leica to take better pictures, any more than you buy a Rolex to get a better record of time. It's all a bunch of nonsense to discuss the unique quality of pictures made with a Leica, as most of the time, the LEICA is so slow that you will miss out on the great images, to start out with. If I compare my Canon with the Leica, the Canon runs circles around the Leica ( and I have them both). So let us be honest with ourselves, the Leica is not a very competent tool to make images. No one, I assure you, will be able to see a picture and say, well that could only have been achieved with a Leica. That might have been true, circa 1950, but today in the digital age? not a chance. Leica's business model is not about making the best cameras to take pictures, but to sell to those who enjoy the feel and quality of an almost hand made tool. A Cartier watch, if you know what I mean.

i have many systems and i have to say the following:

Leica lenses although expensive, you won't lose money! seriously. I have spent so much on so many system but Leica lenses are worth the investment. Better than the stock market! Film body are ok as well. Digital bodies are NOT!!!

Zeiss do have some nice glasses I admit. But the Leica legendary lenses do stands above them. Not the new Summarit series. Sharp is not everything. Look at the Noctiluxes, 75 Summilux, 35lux and even 21mm Super Angulon. All have such nice fingerprint that others can't match. Magical. Just go to flickr and search for the specific lens pictures.

Finally, I do admit I don't buy into this Monchrom digital cam. If you are a true leica fan, shoot film! Forget about the charger and go. This is what Leica is all about. Minimalist and Purist. And you will be amazed at their color retention on E6 as well as their unique fingerprint on Black and White film.

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