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  • Panasonic said ToF focusing is coming soon. It is already used in some smartphones.
    So just wait and we should see something as good or better from Panasonic...Sony too. They also said they are...

  • You would not have survived the 50s through the 90s when every good camera looked like that.

    I am sure this pic will make you sick :)...

  • Use a good external mic or a cheap external audio recorder. It is always better to put a mic on the subject anyway.

  • I hate those paint chips and pealing with metal body cameras.
    Plastic can scratch too, but it doesn't look as bad.

  • I worry that this camera will have the horrendous Sony a6600/a6400 rolling shutter because it might use the same Sony 24MP sensor.
    This is one of the many reasons the X-T30 and X-T3 with their...

  • Any new A7S would be DOA. It would not be 8K and going by Sony's past would not compete with their pro line. We already know Sharp and probably Panasonic will have 8K cameras in 2020. Sony has...

  • Sure looks disappointing to me. Looks like pixel binning.

    where is your evidence?

  • "Why everyone is saying that F1.2 and F1.4 differs by 1/3 of a stop? It's 1/2 of a stop"

    Rubberdials is consistently wrong. That one is a s bad as him saying Canon has never made an F/1.2 lens...

  • Yeah, Rubberdials keeps getting caught in his lies. Like I said one day he cries that 1/3rd to 2/3rds of a stop is massive and more important than almost anything else (when discussing APSC and...

  • My phone has a 1440p HDR display so I just need to stick my nose up to it and I'm good.
    Funny thing a little off topic. A lot of people have have phones that support HDR, but not many with HDR...

  • Added 1 photo to their gallery
  • These comments are about a Canon F/1.2 lens designed for mirrorless cameras.

    And in these comments a Sony fan boy posts this...
    "All of Canon's F1.2 lenses were designed in the film era. Every...

  • Like I said to begin with, it has been Panasonic pushing the envelop with ILCs for 10 years now, and now more than ever! And I agree with Jordan, "I'm surprised how much Panasonic was willing to...

  • If you get a gimbal there is little need for the X-H1. The X-T3 is better overall and can communicate with Gimbals like the Crane 2 after the last FW update. ...
  • James, what the heck is your point?
    You incorrectly said "I think that Nikon could/should push video as unlike...Panasonic "
    That made no sense. Now you are all over the place.
    For the past...

  • "It doesn't matter whether they still sell old F1.2 lenses, the point is they didn't design any new ones..."
    Except they have and this article proves it.
    They have F1.2 FD lenses (very popular...

  • "I think that Nikon could/should push video as unlike...Panasonic "
    Yeah, I am sure Jordan would never pick Panasonic for video.

  • Replied in Absolutely!
    X-T3 is my primary camera.  Love it too. I use  Crane 2 gimbals for video.  Works with stills and long exposures too. Nice to see your are an m4/3 hater.  Thanks for sharing.
  • RubberDials

    Those Sony corners are worse that I thought. No wonder why they Nikon Z and Canon RF lenses are so much better! I feel bad for the saps that paid $1000 for that LoCA filled 55mm 1.8...

  • How is this related to BTS?

    They really meant "behind the scenes"? OK, boomer.

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