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Roger Nordin

Lives in Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
Works as a IT Consultant
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Hi there, had may fair shares of digital compacts, starting from the 1.3Mpixel Canon Powershot A50, and then later a decade or so with Canon dSLRs from 10D to 7D. Then I made the next transition to mirrorless...

I am now shooting with my mobile phone, my Micro Four Thirds system, or occationally the Canon 70D which my wife uses most of the time otherwise... Most of the time, the DMC-GM1 is in my jacket pocket. If I going somewhere dedicated to take photos I probably grab my DMC-GX8 and/or the OM-D E-M5.

Shooting mostly RAW and using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop to finish off my photos. Spends more time at the computer than behind the camera I think.


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TheClueless: Well, at least it's 5 letters, not 4 (Zano, Lily). So it can't fail, right?

If it had been a four letter one it would have been a real PITA

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Elite83: I don't understand the fixation on the whole touch screen thing.
Sure, I guess it'd be nice to have as a feature, but why is it a dealbreaker for so many?

Personally, I'll take more buttons and dials over a touchscreen any day. As, any day I can spend NOT tapping through a menu to change a setting is a good day. And don't even get me started on touchscreen sliders... awful.

Being able to set focus point on the touchscreen while using the viewfinder is a killer must-have feature!

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On article The big beast: hands on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 (1290 comments in total)
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Kissel: I like the dedicated exposure compensation dial.

"remind them that they dialled in -1 last evening and forgot to reset it..."
Actually I have my GX7 set up to automatically reset it when I change mode or switch it off/on. Yeah I know. I'm the big dummy. But hey it's way more idiot proof than remembering to look at the dial. I'd rather look at what I am about to photograph. :-)

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cheenachatze: I wish Panasonic would make 24-120mm equiv. zoom lens that's not too expensive, and bundle it as kit lens with this camera. It would make a perfect travel camera for people that care about image quality, but don't want to carry a lot of gear.

Well, with Voigtlander and Panasonic, the IS worrying is easily dealt with. You just never get it = problem solved. You mean that makes you happier?

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So we're getting there...
"1-1-2029, West Europe, midnight
Invisible and silent, circling overland
Scanning, taping, filing, instantly checking
Every human, car and plane of the quarters we survey"

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On article QromaScan uses your smartphone for digitizing prints (45 comments in total)

Interesting idea to have a portable solution for scanning photos from someones photo album when visiting, when you don't want to bring a laptop and flatbed scanner just for scanning a few photos. Not sure it can compete with some ad-hoc lighting rig/positioning and photographing the prints with the digital camera you have with you, though. It becomes a pretty slim market if they are targetting people carrying just a smartphone, but caring enough about quality to buy and carry this rig, but yet not carrying a dedicated digital camera?

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For those who still are having troubles getting LR CC to play nicely with GPU acceleration with their HD Radeon graphics cards. If your card is supported by the Catalyst 14.4 driver below, then here's a fix to get it working:

From this thread at Adobe forums:

It worked like a charm for me. The text says 14.1, but the 25th April 2014 drivers were listed as 14.4, not 14.1, btw. The uninstall utility was a bit nerving for me, as my system is AMD-everything and running Windows 10 Tech Preview to boot. Eventually it crashed with a BSOD. But it booted back up fine with a the default VGA-driver, enabling me to install the older 14.4 driver package. Now Lightroom likes my GPU:

Check OpenGL support: Passed
Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
Version: 3.3.12874 Core Profile Context
Renderer: AMD Radeon HD 6550D
LanguageVersion: 4.30

Link | Posted on May 3, 2015 at 11:22 UTC as 7th comment
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GreenPig: Many people, myself included, with AMD graphics processors are not able to see the GPU improvements. The feature is turned off due to the following error ...
"Check OpenGL support: Failed"
The adobe forums have many posts about this with a wide range of cards affected.

But apart from that,everything else is working well.

My favourite so far .... HDR images that don't look like "overdone HDR" ... :)
With a final RAW file giving a full +/- 10 EV range. You can then tweak it to look like an "overdone HDR" if that's what you want

Having the same issue here. Photoshop GPU acceleration works just fine. The Adobe forum thread is here:
Love the built-in Panorama and HDR features! The face recognition feature will probably be handy too, but it does take a while to go through and update the current library to take full advantage of it.

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ARSPR: I've just upgraded and I've got two complaints:

1. GPU acceleration doesn't work in my system, although my Radeon HD6870 fulfils all the specified minimum requirements (1 GB of VRAM and OpenGL 3.3 or greater - ). The trouble seems to be in GL_MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS (whatever it is). LR system info shows I have 32 and 48 is the minimum.

So be careful about what you expect.

(Nevertheless I'm "guessing". Help is welcomed: ).

2. Samsung new "professional" lenses are still un-profiled: 16-50S and 50-150S. What the hell are you waiting for, Adobe? This is not serious...

I guess we just have to monitor this thread:
There are many people with Radeon cards that exceeds the specification of OpenGL 3.3 support, that are having problems. Hopefully it'll work itself out. The first iteration of Photoshop GPU acceleration was pretty shaky when it was rolled out initially as well, with regards to compatibility issues.

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ARSPR: I've just upgraded and I've got two complaints:

1. GPU acceleration doesn't work in my system, although my Radeon HD6870 fulfils all the specified minimum requirements (1 GB of VRAM and OpenGL 3.3 or greater - ). The trouble seems to be in GL_MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS (whatever it is). LR system info shows I have 32 and 48 is the minimum.

So be careful about what you expect.

(Nevertheless I'm "guessing". Help is welcomed: ).

2. Samsung new "professional" lenses are still un-profiled: 16-50S and 50-150S. What the hell are you waiting for, Adobe? This is not serious...

Well, it's not hard to understand that without Adobe being clear on this matter, the expectations from end-users are not aligned to reality, i.e. how LR implements it and what it requires, considering that Photoshop CC does OpenCL GPU acceleration even on my lesser Radeon HD6550 chipset! I.e if your system supports GPU acceleration on the latest version of Photoshop, that doesn't mean a thing when it comes to Lightroom. I think it's reasonable for people to expect that GPU acceleration would have had the system requirements, don't you think?

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madeinlisboa: Correct me if I'm wrong. Lightroom still has a huge problem. There is no list of filters applied to images, which means that an user must navigate through radial, gradients, brushes, etc, in order to check which ones were applied to an image.

The adjustment points show up when you need them :-)

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panos_m: It seems that I will need a new operating system (64bit) also. As I read somewhere there is no 32bit version anymore :( True?

If you are willing to run a pre-release version, Windows 10 Tech Preview is available right now, and it's free many more months to come...maybe more, if the release is pushed even later forward, then it'll be extended. I am running LR and PS CC on it with no problems myself. YMMV!

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mikeoregon: Please excuse a dumb question, but how do monthly plan subscribers upgrade from 5.x to 6? Thanks!

Same here, it appeared after a reboot. Just created my first panorama in LR CC, really so much quicker than jumping into PS, plus I love the DNG file format that allows the resulting panorama to retain editing flexibility.
Btw, at first I was so excited I incorrectly selected HDR instead of Panorama. It was thinking for ages (Panorama was from 10 photos) and then came up with a blank image. I then realized my mistake - Duh! :)

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KingOfAtlantis: Had a little play around in LR CC since I own the subscription. I usually use Capture One Pro. I must admit, I am very novice at LR but first impressions compared to C1 is that I have far less control and all my options are crammed into a side bar that I have to scroll or close and open tabs. The Ui feels unnecessary. More like a Smart TV start screen instead of an editing workplace. I want to be able to use LR CC well though so I will give it the benefit of the doubt for now. I just hope I can learn these weird shortcuts easily. I really thought, being Adobe, the shortcuts would reflect off Photoshop. Why doesn't C crop, why doesn't cmd 1 zoom 100% etc.

I guess ANY user interface you are not used to, and have not taken the time to try get really get to know either, will feel alien and ankward. I guess that would go for me too if I spent 5 minutes with C1 as well?

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On article Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4 to offer Raw capture (151 comments in total)
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badbob001: I have the TG-3 and my biggest complaint is that the aggressive noise reduction blurs out small details. So instead of trying to fix that or add an option to make NR user-controllable, with the TG-4, they now they just hand us the raw data and expect us to fix it manually. Seriously, they could have easily given TG-3 users much of the same features with a firmware update.

It would had been nice if they added wireless charging so we can near-never need to open the doors and potentially introduce a seal-issue every time.

A much simpler option for charging without opening any water sealed door is a magnetic connector, which is a) dirt-cheap and b) can transfer any amount of current, whereas wireless Qi-style charging can be more limited. My waterproof Pebble watch uses it, my waterproof Xperia smartphone uses it. Works well. Opening doors on a waterproofed device for charging is not very well thought out (unless it is intended to break out-of-warranty eventually, so you have to buy a new camera :-))

Link | Posted on Apr 19, 2015 at 14:41 UTC

If Apple intended Photos to be the replacement of Aperture, why did they assist Adobe in implementing an import plug-in to Lightroom (that is now integrated in LR5)? Yeah, right. Photos was most probably never meant to replace Aperture. Why they killed off Aperture, is hard to say... but Photos wasn't meant to be the answer to Aperture.
http:// appleinsider (dot) com/articles/14/06/27/apple-announces-it-will-no-longer-develop-aperture-or-iphoto-os-x-yosemite-photos-app-to-serve-as-replacement
"Apple also said it is working with Adobe to help users transition to its Lightroom app for Mac."

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nerd2: So MF 20mm 1.8 equivalent for $1250 and 586gr? Nikon 20mm 1.8g weighs 357gr, has AF, costs $500 less....

Wow. No micro thirds lens annoucement is complete without some FF nerd debating about aperture equivalence, right? So.. check! Well done.

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Langusta: Maybe I'm paranoid, but somehow I feel safer having my photos on the (local) external hdd (2nd hdd for backup of more important ones). Btw - I paid only once...

To have protection against theft and fire, I sure hope you bring that external HDD to another physical location!

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art99: Where's the 4K video feature ??

Who shoots videos with the intention of NOT viewing them 5 years later? Shoot now, throw away tomorrow? The still images of my first digital camera, a 1.3Mpixel Powershot A50, doesn't even fill a standard computer screen or HDTV these days without upscaling, but I still may go back to relive the memories from the trips we made together. But I do miss the clarity and image quality from my current cameras when viewing these images. So why wouldn't we want our memories of today to be saved in 4K mode for the future?

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