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Oh, just find another software program already and stop all the crying. Things will always change and prices increase, etc. Look at the phone companies with their unlimited plans that they have tweaked over the years. Heck, Verizon had $31 billion dollars in revenue the past quarter alone. So why should Adobe be any different?

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RD Walton: Well, I use Excel for that and it's stored in the cloud and on my computer and external drive. :)

AND, I scan all of my receipts and they are stored in the cloud and other places too. But keep up the good work Fro...

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Well, I use Excel for that and it's stored in the cloud and on my computer and external drive. :)

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Nikonandmore: I love Nikon.. it's my main work gear. But really, I mean REALLY, Sony and Fuji have run over everyone with "real" new products and development. Even Panasonic, Olympus and others had some new interesting stuff. I have no idea what Nikon is doing anymore, what direction they are heading to or why they even bother to show up. Super disappointed..

Sony is EATING IT AWAY. My newer A7RII that I jumped into as kind of a B-plan, is looking more and more like where my switch from Nikon eventually will go to. It will only take Sony to make a more Pro oriented E-mount camera, a bit larger, with better ergonomics and similar specs as the new A99II, and it will be game over for everyone else.

If Canon thinks the new 5D MkVI is news and Nikon that the new 105mm lens & Key Mission Cameras are the hype of the year, they must be on crack..

Well, I understand the frustration, but if you don't think the 5D Mark IV is news for Canon or the 105mm lens from Nikon isn't news, just wait until the sales figures come out. Yes, it would be nice to see them offer more and more each year, but if you're even half way good at what you do, you don't need the latest bells and whistles to take great pics. Sony and the other camera manufactures have to come out with new gear to compete and catch up to the big two. But they are making major progress and the market will determine if Canon and Nikon aren't giving it's customer base what they want.

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