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thanks for disqualifying picture, which was completely only water reflection and rotated 180 degrees. Nowhere was written, that is necessary to have line between water and rest...

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Buzz Lightyear: Yes, I confirmed that there is a June gathering of historic trains at Bratislava. I guess it is possible that this was two different people, so I apologize for my accusation. My suspicious nature is becoming more prominent as I get older, but the coincidences were so unusual and the images so similar, my hackles were understandably raised.

ian boys-I submit, however that just because different entrants shoot exclusively and post pictures to their respective galleries with two different cameras is not strong evidence against the possible intent of cheating. With this new info, I am not suggesting that this is the case here, but in fact if someone were interested in posting entries from two different IDs, that's exactly the way I think they would do it to try to avoid suspicion. Seems like a lot to go through for the dubious possibility of winning a dpreview challenge - but from some of the stories I've heard about what happens in these challenges, I would not put it past some people.

Hi, I just uploaded picture for your evidence. me and my 3 friends were on the same event. all of us have entries in this chalenge.

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