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InTheMist: Look at that. Already then, they understood fundamental rules of composition: Balance, the rule of thirds, etc.

It's a scam. I checked the EXIFs - they were all taken with a Nikon D5200!

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Tord S Eriksson: Not at all surprised: Even though my D600 is a big marvel, the wife's OM-D is a technological wonder, well worth to become the camera of the year! A trend changer, I bet, while the D600 is the (poor) enthusiast entry to full format photography!

Where the K-5 IIs and the D800E went, or the NEX-6, for that matter, is hard to figure out, but among those nominated the winner selection wasn't hard to figure out. Why the upgraded Canon was on the list in the first place, as it was not new in that respect, just a polishing of a classic diamond!

A Happy New Year, everyone!

"If I could only take one of my cameras with me, it wouldn't be the Olympus, it'd be the D600."

... and a sackfull of sensor cleaners!

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The camera manufacturers need to take care when paying attention to this thread!

After WW2 a British motorcycle magazine posted a survey of what readers thought their ideal motorcycle would be. Sunbeam built the S7 and S8 as result of the survey. They were both basically flops!


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peweuk: I wonder if Sigma have done a deal with the Olympic Organisers to allow this.

The Olympics committee has special legal 'powers' to insist that any photographic or video content of anything that involves the games is removed from public view. This definately includes imagery taken at the games, but the 'grey' area is how far beyond that it goes.
For example the two words 'London' and '2012' whilst OK individually, cannot be used together as 'London 2012' in anything that can be deemed 'commecially beneficial'. This competiton is 'commercially beneficial to Sigma.

Private individuals have been warned that to put images of the games on social networking sites is prohibited - so how are Sigma going to publish the results??

Unless of course they have paid vast licensing fees to the Organisers.

Can we show images of the 2 Hr delay on the A40 because they'd closed off a lane at Hanger Lane to reduce the traffic on the North Circular?


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Antony John: Such a lot of lens envy in this blog.
Looking at Robin's photographs reveals this is a superlative lens (and SLR gear say as much)
Crops with the OM-D + 75mm maybe as good as or better than a D800.
'Pop' and Bokeh as good as a Zeiss lens.
For goodness sake, give credit where it's due and grow up.

Nah - Robin's review is nowhere near as comprehensive, in-depth and complete as the one-line dismissals made in this thread!


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Photomonkey: I can see the "whine list" already developing....
It's not FF, It isn't pocketable, it's not waterproof, it's not got GPS,it's not got (your favorite obscure video feature here),it's not got hand warmers, it backfocuses, it's not got five f1.2 primes at intro, it's not got IBIS, it's not got in lens IS,it's not got 28 stops of DR, it's not got ISO 256,000, it has noise at ISO 102,000, it has too much res, it doesn't have enough res, etc.

I am never surprised by the number of self appointed experts at engineering, manufacturing, accounting and marketing that surface here to critique products that have yet to see the light of day.

Maybe DPR should create a forum where they can collaborate to create the ideal camera and show us how it really should be done.

But most importantly for the dpreview reviewers, will it operate the 'dust shake' on start-up or shutdown?

It'll make at least 20% difference in their verdict!



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