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ewelch: The problem with the premise of this article is the author does not know what was used. But one thing we know for sure, it was shot using an iPhone, so its sensor is what's in question. And we know it has a great lens. So the bottom line is, the answer is, we don't know what was used.

Amazing how fans will always try to justify Apple no matter what. The truth is that those ads trick people into thinking that, if they buy an iphone, they will get the same results, and this is not true.

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The images are impressive, but they have been downsized to 8mp.

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Tonkotsu Ramen: yea but you'd be supporting a company started by a guy that was part of the chinese communist party.. and most likely still has ties to them.. you really wanna risk that over a phone?

lol... Tonkotsu is still living in the sixties or something like that... how pathetic.

Posted on Oct 13, 2015 at 22:20 UTC
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Now guess who will be on top in the dxomark chart... ;)
Anyway, I was expecting sharper images from a 1'' sensor... maybe they had to make some compromises on the lens...
EDIT: also, I don't like colors... sometimes they're off (see the first of the two pictures of the phone booth), sometimes they're washed out...

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Alex7302: "23MP 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS BSI CMOS image sensor"

Do you want noise? Because that's how you get noise.

it's a smartphone, anyway it remains to be seen if the higher resolution will compensate the higher noise.

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(unknown member): huh .. isn't the eye capable of resolving down to around 300-400 dpi and that's really it?

isn't this slightly overkill? however if you are casting to your 4k tv it makes somewhat of sense, however, this just looks like a way to suck the living daylights out of your battery life.

see my post above about gaming visors...

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noirdesir: I am curious whether most people can actually see the difference between 400 and 800 dpi.

Yes, if you're using a smartphone gaming visor. That's why so many manufacturers are using QHD (samsung, for example, sells the Gear VR visor that can be coupled with the gs6), and 4k will be even better.
Gaming visors based on smartphones (i.e. that use the smartphone's screen, so they're cheaper to build and sell) are a nice brand new idea and probably manufacturers expect them to spread in the following one or two years. But you need a high resolution screen for a good viewing experience.

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"just as good" means that it's worse. Not by much, but still worse.

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Michael Ma: This or OnePlus2?

IMHO this one, mainly for the software.

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The names, the names of the 40 who voted against!

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On article Feature film shot on iPhone 5 coming to cinemas (62 comments in total)

Colors are terrible, quality is terrible. Stabilization is terrible (if there's any). Looks like... a movie shot with a smartphone. A $500 video camera would have given much better results. Ah, but then they wouldn't have been able to say that they used an iphone... I hope the price of the ticket will be as low as the quality.

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3DSimmon: Then the People of Europe should sue the copyright owners of such buildings for obscuring the rest of the free city landscape.

This is a good point! :)

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Money, money, money... it's all about money. Frankly, we've gone too far. They're trying to squeeze money from everything.

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