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On article Sony a9 shooting experience: Here's why I'm impressed (772 comments in total)
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trilogy1000: I'm a traditionalist and would like to see a shutter speed dial and aperture ring but I can't see Sony doing it - it's just not their thing. Having said that, the additional dials on the a9 look good and will remove a lot of the need to hunt through the menu system. Hopefully those design changes will trickle down to the a7 series.

Then there's the (relatively!!) lightweight Nikon Df with any number of AIS lenses.

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On article Samsung NX500 shown as discontinued (273 comments in total)

The amount of gloating here is surprising.
As though the reduction of competition- which leads to competitive innovation and development, as well as keeping prices down- is a good thing.

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On article Samsung NX500 shown as discontinued (273 comments in total)
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starwolfy: As this is the 2nd time Samsung gives up its customers/supporters in the camera business my guess is we won't see them around here for a long time.

Why? 4/3 (not micro 4/3) manufacturers gave up customers. Fuji gave up customers with its DSLRs and SLRs and medium format. Sony is giving up customers with its DSLRs.

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2176 comments in total)

A review without mentioning price in its final summary- especially when it's an outlier price such as with this model- is an incomplete review at best.

Price/performance is a very important yardstick in the business and engineering world.

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Peter Bendheim: Amazing how many people don't have the attention span to read the article.

It's not about the X series cameras - their sales are strong.

Guess it's a good opportunity for the keyboard warriors to come out the closet and do the sensor/x-trans/focus war dance. Guess that haters will always hate.

In that case, if Insta are strong, and X-Series is strong, and everything is strong, why is the division losing money?

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newe: What's next for Fuji? Maybe the "selfie leg"? That company lost its way when no S6 came out. They will eventually be bought by Sony and the assets sold off to Canon.

That's sort of a truism, given that when Fuji drops their line we can say they no longer wanted to be in the market.

Cash rich because of something 20 years ago, yet we don't know if that funding was from cash, or debt, or capital selling.

In any event, companies don't always get to decide what they want to do; shareholders do. Shareholders for some reason do not like to lose money, hence do not like unprofitable lines. Fuji has certainly dropped unprofitable lines before, from 35mm to medium format to DSLRs, to compacts, so there is certainly a precedent.

Citing a diversified company with lots of other product lines does not prove they will stay in business; if anything, it says the opposite, since they do not depend on any one small product line. Nikon, on the other hand, MUST continue it's photo product line, or die. Fuji would barely blink.

Would love them to continue, but unless they grow market share NOW, what promise is there of profitability in the future?

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On article Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge (727 comments in total)
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Ben Stonewall: Headline should read:
Sony press release says Sony is great…blah, blah, blah…

People who use clichés gonna use clichés.

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On article Fujifilm X100T Review (697 comments in total)
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Dougbm_2: 81% and only Silver seems pretty mean. Should the score and award have some sync? eg Gold over 80% Silver over 70%

They are comparing this to its only competition, a 2-year old version of itself, with relatively minor feature upgrades. ur

When the X100 came out, it had the potential to be a game changer, and it's worse enemy turned out to be itself.

Today this camera is known quantity, and is easily matched by other more flexible models given the price point.

In 2015 this should be crushing the original X100, but it's just not. Consequently, as fine and glorious a machine as this is in March, 2015, it's not the unique standout it could have been 4 years ago.

Consequently, the rating is justified.

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nnowak: WARNING-Conspiracy Theory...

Canon recently stated that they want to be #1 in mirrorless by 2017

For those that haven't noticed yet, the pre-order pricing of various M3 kits on Amazon Japan are VERY cheap. M3 kits that include the accessory EVF are selling for basically the same price as the Sony A6000 with comparable lenses. Japanese prices are also much lower than the suggested EUR prices.

What if Canon is trying to game the regional ranking systems? With no distribution in the USA and higher prices in the EU, a significant number of people will be importing the camera directly from Japan. Possibly enough extra people from outside Japan to artificially influence the rankings and push Canon up to #1. If true, Canon would impress their Japanese investors while humiliating the competition.

No expensive engineering exercises. No massive marketing campaigns. Just do less and get more.

Who cares about unaudited retailer 'rankings,' other than the interwebs desperately in need of hits?

What Canon needs to do is to make profits, or gain market share, or stave off the competition. The question is, does their pricing allow them to make market penetration for their greater good in the long run?

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Who cares whether "Canon is finally taking mirrorless seriously?" What matters is Is Canon returning shareholder value?

Making money is what Canon needs to do, not pursue trivial religious wars for their own sake, as fostered by the interwebs desperately in search of hits.

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On article High-end pocketable compacts roundup (2013) (266 comments in total)
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Karroly: From your review :
"if you need one (an EVF...), then the LF1 is the camera for you but, if it's just a feature you'd quite like to have, the decision is less clear-cut "

I would have concluded exactly the opposite. If you NEED a viewfinder then you need a large, clear, sharp, easy to use one, so look for another camera. If you just use it occasionally (in bright sun, or to reduce camera shake when required), then this one is OK...

The only vendor and model brave enough to offer an EVF, and you guys tear it apart because it doesn't take after EVFs on hugely larger cameras.


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On article Enthusiast interchangeable lens camera roundup (2013) (466 comments in total)
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andy1331: Why did you mention the a77II body as bulky? Its almost identical and even lighter than a 70d or others in this clsss.
And dont forget the advantages of the SLT concept like EVF, very fast AF even in LV, great Videi options... Lobe this one but dont understand why Sony doesnt come up with some smaller pendant. In this area they focus on e mount which is the worse mount I think for good fast glass...

Um, because it's not an SLR?

If mentioning the advantages of SLT, you need to mention also the disadvantages- such as quite limited viewfinder resolution, delay and tearing, color shifts non-representational of real life, limited ability to depict the true dynamic range of the subject, putting a little TV rather than natural light between you and the subject, battery devourer...

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On article Enthusiast mirrorless camera roundup (2014) (316 comments in total)
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plasnu: Which camera should I buy? Sony, but I didn't know that Sony is not the enthusiast mirrorless camera.

"Its the total quality, build, feel, handling, support and feature set that makes or brakes a camera."

This is the sort of mystical set of undefinable je ne sais quoi that Leica enthusiasts use to justify their high priced choices.

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On article Enthusiast mirrorless camera roundup (2014) (316 comments in total)
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lucinio: Fuji xt-1 is a fine and very good camera. But Sony A6000 give you about the same at half the price. So this one is my best enthusiasts mirror less camera.

Lucinio, you have yet to learn the law of nature that the more money you spend, the better the end result.

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On article Enthusiast mirrorless camera roundup (2014) (316 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: "As we round the bend, into the home stretch...

Sony pulling away by three lengths, followed Panasonic, Olympus and Samsung neck to neck for second place...

Fuji trying to pass those three with renewed breakaway energy...

At the far stretch, just now, making it at the halfway mark, is Nikon and Canon...


Nikon is struggling...

Oooh! Canon has just collapsed and smashed the M into pieces! What a tragedy! The EOS M has disintegrated into oblivion!"


Except of course Nikon mirrorless and Canon mirrorless sell more than anyone except Sony mirrorless.

So much for that analogy.

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"The line between the compact and the SLR began to blur somewhat with the disruptive influence of the Advanced Photo System (APS)"

We may forget that when 35mm cameras were new, they were referred to for decades as "miniature" format cameras. 35mm- now known as "Full Frame"- was the original compact camera system.

And there were "advanced compacts" even in the 35mm film days. Ricoh had one, so did Nikon, so did Contax. These were not cheap and had permanently attached lenses, either zoom or single focal length.

Leica even had a "miniature M"- the CL, which took two dedicated lenses- a 40mm and a 90mm.

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On article Nikon 1 V3 Review (651 comments in total)

Exactly right with regard to the price. But why single this model out for a price ding in DPR Reviews, while ignoring the high price of other items?

Exactly right that it cannot compete with larger size sensors. But why single this model out for a smaller format ding in DPR Reviews, while formats such as micro 43 are not dinged for being naturally inferior to larger formats?

One reason DPR Reviews are good for feature description, but not really for comparison. Their criteria are subjective and ever changing, making it difficult to compare apples and apples.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Review (862 comments in total)

"all situations. Only Canon's G1 X II can trump the Sony in terms of low-light and depth-of-field terms"

the latter is not true. Smaller formats enjoy the advantage of more depth of field, just as 35mm cameras trumped the tyranny of narrow medium format depth of field.

Humans see everything they look at in focus; cameras have trouble in throwing distant/near objects out of focus. For people who want to look at the world, great depth of field is a plus. For people who want to make pictures that look like yet another photographic technique, I guess narrow DoF is ok.

DPR never met a camera at any price point whose price wasn't deemed "fully justified." I'd suggest the market is saying differently, given that presales are shipped and most major retailers have this sitting around in stock.

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On article Panasonic FZ1000: Not just another superzoom... (140 comments in total)
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W5JCK: Bridge cameras like this one and the RX10 or still what I consider to be sub-enthusiast level. The 1" sensor is too small to deliver quality IQ at any low light level. That f/2.8 lens on a 1" sensor is equivalent to a f/5.0 lens on an APC-S camera. Pretty darn slow for wide open, and thus rather lacking in low light capability. A f/4.0 lens on a 1" sensor is equivalent to a f/7.1 lens on an APC-S camera. So this camera basically has a f/4--f/7.1 zoom lens compared to APS-C DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Meh! For the price of the RX10 you would be better off with a a6000 and a few good lenses. This one is cheaper, but still not worth the price for anyone who wants an enthusiasts level and above IQ. This is a mom/dad camera used to take little pictures to post on the internet. Again, meh!

No, that's not another way to look at it.

On the one hand you are looking at the light transmission property of a lens; on the other you are looking at the light sensitive area.

In the film days you could use a handheld light meter to take into account film ISO, shutter speed, lens speed. The same light conditions would read out, for example, for iSO 100: f5.6 x 1/125. You would then set your medium format camera, your 35mm camera, yiour 4x5 view camera, at f5.6 x 1/125 for an ISO 100 film and get the exact same exposure.

Light sensitive area has nothing to do with light transmission qualities of a lens (measured in f-stops).

This is not a difficult concept. This is photography 101.

(Ignoring minor light transmission loss, such as crossing lens element surfaces in a lens)

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On article Am I missing something here? (627 comments in total)
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steveh0607: This camera is loaded with great technology. If Nikon joined the 4/3 group they would own that market. The 1 strategy doesn't make sense to me.

What motivation would Nikon have for joining a shrinking format that has never made any money, thereby lending credibility to a team of manufacturers that formed it only when they were unable to succeed in the DSLR world?

There are lots of mirrorless cameras that are not m43- Sony, Fuji, Canon, Samsung, Nikon- that in many geographies sell better than m43.

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