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Proof is in the pudding: I've owned many superzooms over the years and it suits my needs perfectly as I travel a lot & lug the camera everywhere - into restaurants, onto beaches etc & heavier more expensive SLR cameras, changing lenses would make me use the camera far less & in many cases as far as I'm concerned I'd miss the moment - the camera is not perfect & has some issues - which seem to be "production ones" as they are not showing up in all the cameras, & judging from the "studio comparison tool test" they might not have a good one - I've had & seen much sharper on the sony forum .... with some setting adjustments it is capable of pretty amazing images - go to the Sony Forum & look at some of the images that are being taken and what the CZ lens is capable of - its amazing as is the IS system - I've printed images up to 20" incl low light ones taken with the HHT setting with really impressive results - recent pic I took has been chosen for pub cover of 90000 - all others SLR!

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John McCormack: Sure wish the Panasonic FZ150 was available to compare against. Hint, hint.

Mr Butler ....Hopefully when this camera and the FZ150, and Fuji HS20 get tested in "real life" situations - each cameras unique ability and approach to combat small sensor limitations will be used as well to rate the cameras image capability ..ie the Sonys HHT mode setting where in low light situations it shoots 6 or 7 images and superimposes to reduce noise - interesting that it shoots at lower ISO's than expected and is giving much better results than just shooting the image straight at at 800 or above ISO - my point being rate these cameras not only on paper specs but the real life capability - whether considered gimicky or not - also obviously the lens image quality and IS system (because if at full zoom its unusable because of a poor IS system - whats the point of a zoom this size )

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