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The only comment here is they may be given authority, from the FAA.

ICAO provides regulations on shipping dangerous goods by air, provided by IATA (International Air Transport Association).
FAA adopts certain things, such as abbreviations for airports from IATA, and air transport of dangerous goods rules from ICAO.

What it does mean is when a company ships say a flammable paint or lithium battery, it can go from country A to B with no hold ups.

A possible (though I doubt it) good thing is this could clear the way for more drone flights when visiting a different country; but I doubt that.

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On article Flip to flop: the pocket camcorder flash in the pan (49 comments in total)

CVS had a really cheap unit, the catch was only CVS could pull the video off and make a DVD for you (or put video on CD, I forget).
However some folks wrote open-source software and showed how to make a cable to get the movies yourself. Since the cameras were so cheap we always had 1 around to grab a movie moment.

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Just used my late great Narrative Clip to capture shots at a beer festival in Atlanta; that would have been impossible with a conventional camera or smart phone. My only comment here is this new device seems gigantic, relatively speaking.

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Almost forgot, and can't remember where posted, but I machined a plastic adapter to slide over the extended lens "turret" where one could screw on aftermarket tele and wide angle lenses. Worked well.

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Still have mine and use it occasionally. The fact it's so small yet good for video or photos. Not great mind you; always wondered what the "announced but killed" TX2 would've been...

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Could just add tiny silent fans


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One can get a FPV mini drone for $35 on Amazon. Not as slick looking but works. There have been at least 3 failed drone projects on Kickstarter. I would also question an aluminum frame. Every milligram is precious weight!

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One thing not mentioned is a very interesting feature, which really works well if you also use iCloud for your image storage: I've got over 100,000 photos also taken with other cameras, and scanned in.

In the Photos app search for a phrase: snakes, airplane, flag, license plate; and almost instantly the matches will be shown.

And I don't mean these are pictures you tagged with those words. The image processing tries to match the word with what the picture contains.

It's not perfect but you'd be amazed how well it works.

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Amazing, many once-in-a-lifetime pictures like this do two things. They inspire me to try and take/compose better shots, and also make me want to just sell my camera. Much more of the former, thankfully.

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On article Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera review (206 comments in total)

For those who want it, Camera+ app (mentioned in review) now can save as uncompressed TIFF.

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Did a quick search and the QX10 can be found for <<$150 US - a bargain IMHO.

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The thing I like most about these new lenses was the previous model - QX10 - was bombed out at TigerDirect for $79.99 new not refurb.
Sold out in like 45 seconds...

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Joseph S Wisniewski: There are several cameras that seamlessly start new files every time a 4 gig file fills. That "concern" is a non-issue.

There really aren't any concerns about cameras overheating, either. Build it for liveview, and the heat producing display and processor pretty much run full time anyway.

Good point - forgot that one but most of the hear is generated internally in the NEX series, both actual sensor as well as CPU. But dimming the backlight on the screen is more related to battery power.

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LaFonte: Ok rhetoric aside, one thing I don't understand, why there is actually a higher duty tax for video cameras? What is the purpose of this?

No industry is really "losing millions from piracy" - if they were it would be (US anyway) listed in their SEC filings. No one does, so the "loss" is either imagined or good businessspeak.

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Joseph S Wisniewski: There are several cameras that seamlessly start new files every time a 4 gig file fills. That "concern" is a non-issue.

There really aren't any concerns about cameras overheating, either. Build it for liveview, and the heat producing display and processor pretty much run full time anyway.

As far as NEX (5n anyway) overheat; if you are shooting continuously (say, a speech) - on a tripod - you probably don't need autofocus, image stabilization, auto-lens distortion correction and auto lens chromic aberration correction: shut these off, move the screen away from the body, and you will never have an overheat.

It also helps if you lower video resolution, most speeches (for example) do not need 1080 60 fps.

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On article Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad (43 comments in total)

I suggest PhotoForge 2 - a lot of very good features.

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On article Michihiro Yamaki, Sigma founder and CEO dies (56 comments in total)

Our condolences - you left a great legacy

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I stopped reading after she said "your" instead of "you're" (maybe she meant "yore"?).
Seriously - in my experience one can choose to have a "buddy" shoot or tape your wedding, or pay for a professional. And I am not either, yes I'll take photos just like other guests, but no way would I ever be put in that spot!

We chose the latter (paid for a pro - and yes it wasn't cheap) and have an album full of some amazing, wonderful photos; our photographer even included free photos after each child was born.

I've been to friend's weddings where things like: 1) the buddy who is shooting photos has their camera fail, and no backup (although a lot were pleased as during the ceremony it was "*pop* eeeeeee *pop* eeeeeee" from their flash, 2) in another wedding far from civilization, the camcorder battery was left home!

And I do think you can shop and find prices a bit lower, just like with LASIK surgery, but you always get what you pay for.

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RHWeiner: Does this judge not know how to search on the Internet for similar images? As RBFresno has pointed out there are other duplications...and I dare say that these may even predate the images in this case!

With the Tsunami of digital cameras and digital images over the past number of years this kind of situation is BOUND to happen again and again. If the 2nd photographer had taken the 1st one's image and then called it his own I can see the need for this case. In this instance I think it was a matter of this was the ONLY view available. Go a bit more to the left and you get run over, go to the right and you're in the water. Go across the street and it's unlikely you'd get this shot.

As a member of a particular camera club for many years I saw hundreds of images of the Paloose area in the state of Washington, US. Invariably they looked alike as there was really only one vantage point to do the photos...ergo, nearly identical images.

There's iPhone and Android Apps that let you shoot in B&W and keep one color; so this shot has already been inadvertently "infringed upon" maybe 123,000 times...

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