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  • Same as SelrahCharleS, I use mainly Darktable and raw therapee for PS files. I find both tools excellent, though RawTherapee probably more intuitive at first than Darktable ( :-D don't leave just yet).
  • Well in "wild" scenes, colors make sense and usually they are "appropriate", because, well, it's a wild scene. In the context of a city, streets etc, usually colors don't "match". You have to deal ...
  • Should an entry level APSC, discontinued, for a dead Nikon APSC DSLR system, with much lower specs everywhere, be 3x cheaper than K3III, is that your question? I would easily say, yes, it's normal.
  • That's not what the sampling theorem is about. It's not about "fidelity" of the signal.
  • With PS with 1 pixel, you are right, but with half pixels, I would disagree ;-) Well of course it depends on how you use the 4 images, but if you do the so called "super resolution" PS then you ...
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    My "best effort" with black swifts last year: I didn't try this year yet, swifts have just arrived here. It was the first time I could see they ...
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    Another tip for that is that if you see that the bird was not locked by AF while panning, try to stop pressing shutter or AF button then start again right away, until it "finds" the bird. Easy to ...
  • You lost me with last sentence. I don't understand from where comes this 1.5 pixel ? "Resolution" seems to be confusing, because to my knowledge it can be either the number of megapixels of the ...
  • Most of the time people say DA15 is not optically very good, but in fact it's just that the corners are weak in terms of sharpness. So it depends on what parameter of optical quality matters for ...
  • Yes there should be some difference, though I'm not sure you would notice it out of "pixel peeping". But as you get more light to the sensor, what will be noticeable is reduced noise, everything ...
  • Can't see any reason why it wouldn't ?
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    I forgot: if you're good at viewfinder tracking you can restrict to zone AF, though it can be frustrating at start as if you miss, the plm lens may blur the view by trying to gain back focus all ...
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    Personally I use AFC with auto AF (the one that uses all available AF points). I use AF with AE for subject detection, no AF hold, no SR, shutter speed between 1/1000s and 1/2000s depending on ...
  • Yes, but as you say that would be pixel shift by 1/2 pixel, as far as I know current pixel shift is only by 1 pixel, unless, they changed it for monochrome ?
  • Nice composition ! I like that the greens are not over-saturated, and that the water does not disappear completely into long exposure :-D
  • I would disagree here. First sentence is "hit Birmingham with same lens all shot wide open", for me reading that I know what I'm going to see: snapshots of a big city, street photography, someone ...
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    Really nice ! Great skies. Nice touch with the first one, the tilt really reinforces the impression of a massive gaz planet :-)
  • Absolutely, it will of course be like having a sensor with double resolution (or 4 times if you count pixels). What happens to the image in terms of perceived sharpness and MTF as you said depends ...
  • If it's too expensive you can find cheap rangefinders alternatives :-D
  • Wit AI you wouldn't have to bother with taking photos.

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